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New Game Round-up: Build a Village Green, Flick Some Discs, and Play with Pointy Objects

W. Eric Martin
United States
North Carolina
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Board Game: The Mind Extreme
• U.S. publisher Pandasaurus Games has announced a Q2 2020 release date for both The Mind Extreme — which German publisher NSV debuted at SPIEL '19 (check out my overview here) — and new release Sonora, a flick-and-write game from Rob Newton. In more detail:
You have entered the Sonoran Desert, a place of vast beauty. Technicolor sunsets pop out over vistas revealing deep canyons, trickling tributaries, and ancient pueblo cliff dwellings. Immerse yourself in the secrets of the desert in a flick-and-write game in which cunning and dexterity meet.

Board Game: Sonora

In Sonora, players flick wooden discs onto a game board representative of different vibrant landscapes across the Sonoran sands. Each area encompasses a different unique game, so skillful aim is required to play in the region of a player's choosing and score points on your dry-erase sheet! But watch out for other players eager to bump discs to score points for themselves.
BGG filmed an overview of this game at Spielwarenmesse 2020, and that overview will appear on our BGG Express YouTube channel before the end of February 2020.

As for the games, in one you're racing to fill in areas of different sizes as quickly as possible to score larger bonuses than those who come later, and in another you travel down river tributaries, blacking out most spaces and circling only your final move to score points for those numbers at the end of the game. Sonora includes Ganz schön clever combo elements, with you being able to mark off spaces in one area to then be able to play somewhere else.

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Board Game: Village Green
• UK publisher Osprey Games has released a first bit of info on Village Green, a September 22, 2020 release from Peer Sylvester for 1-5 players:
It's the first day of spring, and there's only one thing on everyone's mind — the Village Green of the Year competition! In just a few months, the judges of this prestigious contest will be visiting, and the village council have finally put you in charge of the preparations. With your newfound authority, you can show those snobs from Lower Aynesmore just what a properly orchestrated floral arrangement looks like!

In Village Green, you are rival gardeners, tasked by your respective communities with arranging flowers, planting trees, commissioning statues, and building ponds. You must place each element carefully as time is tight and the stakes couldn't be higher! Split your days between acquiring and installing new features for your green and nominating it for one of the competition's many awards. Will your village green become the local laughing stock, or make the neighboring villages green with envy?
• Since Osprey is also a book publisher, the company often makes bare bones info available far in advance since book retailers set up listings for its offerings based on initial solicitations. Thus, I know that Osprey Games will release Merv: The Heart of the Silk Road from Fabio Lopiano on October 27, 2020, but I can't tell you anything beyond that.

Board Game: Wingspan: Oceania Expansion
• In mid-January 2020, Stonemaier Games announced that the second expansion for Elizabeth Hargrave's Wingspan will be the Oceania Expansion, which will feature birds in Australia and New Zealand and which will be released "much later in 2020". Why announce the expansion now? Jamey Stegmaier noted that for each person who signed up to notified of when the preorder would launch, Stonemaier Games "donated $1 to WIRES, a wildlife rescue organization in Australia. Our total donation was $7,439 USD ($10,834 AUD)."

Board Game Publisher: Looney Labs
• In February 2020, Looney Labs will run a Kickstarter campaign (KS link) for four small Looney Pyramid titles from Andy Looney, three of which previously appeared in the Pyramid Arcade collection from 2016 (Martian Chess, Homeworlds, and Ice Duo, which actually contains the games IceDice and Twin Win) and one title that's new: Nomids, which is for 2-10 players. Here's an overview of Nomids, which seems to fall into the LCR bucket of casual, bar-friendly gameplay:
A Nomids set contains one trio (a small, a medium, and a large pyramid) of ten different colors and a custom lightning die. To play, each player takes a trio made up of three different colors, with any remaining pyramids forming the bank. In turn, players roll the lightning die, which lets them dump, withdraw, dispense, exchange, or transfer pyramids, moving them between players and the bank.

If a player ends their turn with a monochrome trio, all three pieces of the trio are returned to the bank. If you have no pyramids, even if it's not your turn, you win!
From gallery of W Eric Martin
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