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2020, a new decade, Huzzah?

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The last update featured some of my art from The Outer Worlds. I'm very glad the game has been getting good reviews and sales. We worked hard the past couple years. Certainly more satisfying then what happened to Armored Warfare. That took 4 years of my time and now is a husk of a game. Not sure I like MMO's, they don't age well and they eventually die. At least with traditional computer games, they can live on with emulators. Heck, I got two Arcade 1up machines in my home and still enjoy firing up Tempest (1981) & Gauntlet (1985) when the desire hits me. Nice not to have to spend quarters. But the machines weren't cheap, especially after I pimped them with upgraded joysticks, trackball, spinner, and lighted marquees!

From gallery of ScottE

Game: Shadows of Brimstone - Painted Miniatures

As for what I've done since my last hobby content posted Sept 2019, mostly painting minis.

Here's a selection of new painted minis for Game: Shadows of Brimstone.

Board Game: Shadows of Brimstone: Trederran Veteran Hero Pack
Board Game: Shadows of Brimstone: Trederran Veteran Hero Pack
Board Game: Shadows of Brimstone: Void Swarms and Void Hives Enemy Pack
Board Game: Shadows of Brimstone: Void Swarms and Void Hives Enemy Pack
Board Game: Shadows of Brimstone: Shikarri Nomad Crusaders Enemy Pack
Board Game: Shadows of Brimstone: The Scafford Gang Deluxe Enemy Pack

With the completion of the Trederran Veterans, I finished all the old west heroes. Here's a group shot of them.

Board Game: Shadows of Brimstone: City of the Ancients

After I guess about 5 years, the final hero is done! Well, mostly. As many are aware, the original 8 hero minis where terrible quality and the publisher is remaking the whole set. They are also redoing all the original core set monsters. I've seen pictures, they look great. But at most I might repaint the heroes. And only between or during other minis. It's funny, they announced this around the time I finally finished which certainly dampened my feelings of accomplishment. But I've never liked the first 8 I painted anyway so it's not a bad thing. At least some of them are pretty awful. I've learned so much painting minis the past few years.

Dark Venture - Reference Card

Shock of shock, I actually created a reference card! That used to be one of my main hobbies but over time I've lost interest. They can be very time consuming to design and a lot of games now include them already. When I started, most games expected you to thumb through the rulebook, but now many put ref cards in the box. Also, there's a lot of people now making them besides me. Back when I did the Neuroshima Hex! 3.0 (pre 3.0) ref cards, the game desperately needed them. Having everyone constantly pass around the rulebook wasn't efficient to teach new players. That set was one of my most popular ref cards and they were so well received, Z-Man Games asked to include them in the US printing. I'll always be honored by that.

Ok, I'm rambling, this is the one I made for Dark Venture. It isn't anything fancy like I did for Might & Magic Heroes but it incorporates the expansion info. As someone pointed out, this info is on the back of each book but I felt making it a bit bigger was nice for easier reading and now the books can be freely referenced without interfering with people using the back for help.

PDF File: Dark Venture Reference

From gallery of ScottE

I really want to get this to the table. Love the art and the story books. With two unique story book sets, should have some decent replay value. My only worry is it could be a bit fiddly. Also, though it has co-op, seems it's designed more for competitive. We'll see, still excited to try it.

Meandering Thoughts...

So this update is short and sweet. Felt it was important to do one blog at the beginning of the year and see how the rest of the year progresses. I feel 2020 is going to be a tough year for the US. An election year means a lot of mud slinging and posturing is going to happen. I consider myself a moderate, so I guess I'm a fence sitter. Being in my 50's, working my way up in the video game industry from a QA guy has taught me a lot of lessons. I worked hard in this crazy business and now starting to consider my retirement. I want to have a secure future which might mean moving out of California once I retire. Not sure yet, but I have to consider the insane cost to live here might mean it's not economically viable to stay. So I'm socking away money and consulting with my retirement guy to make sure I plan for what comes next. I worry with California's high taxes and crazy laws that the state will spin out of control. Just looking at what is happening in LA and San Francisco is a bit terrifying.

Hmm, what else has happened. Apparently there's a group that wants to re-title the "Pimp my Boardgame Contest" to something else. I made a terrible mistake and suggested we didn't need to do that. Well, I got slapped down pretty quickly that I was a bad person and how could I not think of those distraught by a word suggesting prostitution not be changed? Think of the children!! I learned my lesson, never get in the way of moralizing people, it just makes you look like a jerk. To be honest, the contest hasn't been the same since helgerehwald ran it. And I'm much more focused on mini painting, then pimping boardgames so it's fine. I went ahead and unsubscribed to the threads/geeklists and will focus on my new passion.

As for TV/movies, I'm almost finished watching "The Expanse" season 4. The world building continues to be great. The cast is amazing. Shohreh Aghdashloo was riveting as Chrisjen Avasarala. This season is based on my least favorite book, but they did a wonderful job keeping it moving and interesting. They incorporated the Bobbie short story on Mars into it which was a nice touch. I originally didn't like the actress that played Bobbie but she has grown on me. Okay, I praised the show enough. Worth watching if you like hard Scifi.

Been continuing my focus on 50's to 90's scifi/fantasy. I just started watching "Ultra Q" after finishing "Ultraman". Both these series are from the 60's and have recently been remastered in high definition. And they look fabulous. I really enjoyed "Ultraman" which is a billion times better then "Power Rangers"! But "Ultra Q" is even better. It's a cross between "Twilight Zone" & "X-Files", but with giant monsters. And it's in Black & White which makes the effects work a lot better. If you don't mind subtitles, I highly recommend it.

Finished watching "The Mandalorian" a few days ago and agree it's surprisingly good. Just shows that putting the right people in charge that know the material can actually make something good. I expect now that "Rise of Skywalker" is stumbling along in the theaters that a big house cleaning is coming for the movie division and they'll be focusing on TV for a while.

While painting minis this week watched "The Gate", "Gate 2", and "Phase 4". "The Gate" is a fun little horror movie and quite enjoyed it. The sequel doesn't live up to it sadly and only has one original cast member. Though both have some nice effects and fun stop motion animation. "Phase 4" I vaguely remember seeing decades ago. It's about a group of ants that become super intelligent and some scientists studying them. It has some fantastic micro photography and it's a neat premise. Not as good as I hoped as it was a bit slow. Apparently there's a novel based on it that has a different ending.

What have I hated? Well, "Rise of Skywalker" pretty much disappointed. Souless is a good word. Lots of action but no heart. The problem is they couldn't grab me with the cast. Three movies and I still didn't care for them. So hard to get excited. Such a shame. The actor that plays the Mandalorian has more emotion and range and he's in a helmet most of the time!

Also, I am so done with CW DC shows. I watched the first 3 "Crisis on Infinite Earths" crossovers. I'll finish the next 2 and finish Arrow but done after that. The writing is just insanely terrible. They have wonderful costumes & sets, but spotty effects. They do have some good actors, but they are lifeless. You can tell a lot of them are just there for the paycheck. Damn, put a fork in them, they're done!

That's probably enough blathering for this blog. Cheers until next time.
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