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Battle of Pells Point

Captain Nemo
United Kingdom
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No cannonade and in any case the artillery are unable to fire effectively so straight to the battle.

The Americans are withdrawing and get the first move, so have the tempo advantage. Strategically they may be withdrawing but in this battle they were on a tactical attack. The light infantry on the right started with a lightening attack on the right flank, embarrassing the Hessians with a damaging round of firing. The British response was a quick step advance up the centre, which took ground but only forced the retreat of the advanced American unit behind the stonewall with regular infantry occupying the ground but causing no casualties. The American response was a bayonet charge in reply, augmenting the one advance unit in the centre with another from the second line that inflicted casualties and pushed back the British regular unit, which then broke after failing the rally roll. At the same time a sniper had managed the one-in-six roll to take out the Hessian general. After two turns the British were down two VPs.

The British threw out heir light troops as a skirmish screen, which enabled the artillery to get into action. The result of this was some damage to the Americans and retreats. The Americans probed on their right and the British in the centre and neither had any effect. The Americans rallied their troops and were able to return all units to full strength; these units then fired and forced back the advancing British units. The response was to bring forward the Hessians on the British left flank to prepare a strike force. The American response was a forward march to bring forward the reserves from the rear into the secondary line: a forward defence rather than fighting withdrawal! The British edged their line forward to bring their superior artillery numbers to bear.

Shots from the American light infantry on the right on their opposite numbers hit home and the Hessian light infantry fled: three VPs now for the rebels. The British artillery started to fire and managed to do damage and drive back an American unit. The American response was a general fire along the line that proved effective as it caused another three hits. At this the British response of two artillery units and one infantry unit firing with a total of nine dice managed to have no effect; the situation was getting grim for the British. The Americans ordered their line in preparation while the British continued to fire with little effect, mainly rolling artillery hits against the infantry (Napoleon’s Grand Battery would have been annihilated). Just to add to the difficult situation the Americans now rallied again, bringing their army back to full strength while the British were down 3VPs.

The Hessians were finally launched on the left flank but again caused little damage. The American response was to launch an attack column from the centre towards the left flank, each unit in turn crossing the stonewall before turning left and firing on the nearest British unit. The British light troops retreated and then fled. The British front line of artillery and infantry, which were still in the deployment area hammered away to scant effect and the Americans continued their advance, firing as they came; the combined fire of two units concentrated on one British regular unit was enough to destroy it. The battle was all over in 11 turns with a five-nil victory to the British.

The dice favoured the Americans who were also advantaged in having two rally cards. However, it might be noted that all four units that fled did not have any supports and this is a definite weakness for the light troops who might be thought as being more independently minded troops. The British barely got out of their deployment area and an aggressive defence by the Americans proved very effective.

Campaign score:
Tactical 42/28
Strategic 4/2
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