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Friday 10th January - Vive Le Res-olution

Ben Bateson
United Kingdom
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We do have a tendency to complain about player count, I know. But, during the days when we were inevitably 6-players, it was still an abundance compared to the dark days of 3P every week (and, yes, I still remember Tony complaining that he'd never get to play a game with more than 3P). Look - Ross-on-Wye is a small town, all right? And sometimes, we break through the dreadful 6-barrier and get a comfortable double-tableful.

Tonight was such a night. And Tony and I, being the cunning foxes that we are, had already predicted how it might go: Dan was coming for one of his rare visits, so there should be some Agricola in the offing. Pete showed a delightful willingness to learn, which left the other table at a bit of a loose end until Ian popped back over the road for his copy of Res Arcana. John was stuck between a rock and a hard place with these two, but graciously settled for Res Arcana and - by all accounts - didn't do too badly. Becky schooled the table and settled down to teach them some St Petersburg afterwards.

Agricola was just as awesome as it always is. Pete was (accidentally) dealt an L-deck card, but perhaps there is no better introduction to the game than setting up the Bear/Barenpark combo. It probably consumed a little too much of his attention, though, and 10 points wasn't reflective of a good effort. Tony was going in for his usual baking strategy, although the lack of card support was crucial, and he came in at a sub-par 30. More or less by accident, I built the 'full kitchen showroom', but my lack of animals couldn't keep me up to pace with Dan's full stone house and good development. There was an interesting post-mortem over the exact sequencing of actions in the last three rounds: it really was that close.

We finished concurrently with Gerv's St Petersburg victory, and there was a general milling-about between the games bags, lavvies, and the bar for a few minutes while we re-organised ourselves. Tony, having nothing better to do than develop endless prototypes, had his 'Tapestry of London Rome' to show off to Gerv, Peter and Ian, while the rest of us settled for some Troyes.

The fates of the French walled city were fairly gently on us tonight, and allowed us plenty of legroom in exploring different strategies. I found myself abruptly switched between the 'having no money' and 'having a FUCKTON of money' strategies halfway, which didn't really bode well for my score and indeed the game came down to a single point between a cathedral-building Becky and a Princess-impressing Dan. With two wins out of two, it's a shame - or possibly a relief - that we don't see Dan more often, really.

The others had time to polish off Gerv's favourite For Sale, and everyone-apart-from-Becky's favourite High Society while they waited for us to draw to a close. What a cube-shufflingly fantastic night.
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