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Blue Orange Games in 2020: Create Rose Bouquets, Shake Maracas, Draw on Dice, Slap Hands, and Explore Dungeons

Candice Harris
United States
Los Angeles
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Board Game Publisher: Blue Orange (EU)
The European branch of Blue Orange Games — which sometimes releases the same titles as the U.S.-based Blue Orange Games and sometimes doesn't — has unveiled a 2020 "1st semester" catalogue with a variety of new children's games and party games, and a healthy amount of fun, fast-playing, family games...that's right, the triple "F" threat.

Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza by Dave Campbell is a card game for 2-8 players that will keep you on your toes and (spoiler alert!) is not actually a new game. It was originally released by Dolphin Hat Games in 2018 and is now coming from Blue Orange (EU) in 2020. Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza has a "pay attention and think fast" feel similar to Jungle Speed, if you've ever played that. Here's the gist of it:
Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza! Keep these five crazy words in mind.

Each player places a card from their hand face up into a community pile while saying taco/cat/goat/cheese/pizza in player sequence. When the card matches the mantra — boom! — everyone slaps their hand on the deck, with the last one to slap picking up the cards. Whoever rids themselves of cards first wins!

For extra fun, special action cards – the gorilla, narwhal, and groundhog — force players to make certain gestures before racing to slap the deck!
Board Game: Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

Knock! Knock! Dungeon! is a real-time, co-operative game in which 1-6 players must explore a dungeon with various dangers and creatures in order to find and defeat the Black Knight — but you have only ten minutes before the curse of the dungeon hits you!

Board Game: Droll
Draw'n'Roll is Antonin Boccara's unique clue-guessing game for 2-6 "dice-tectives" that plays exactly as its name describes. Players draw clues on erasable dice (neat!) for a specific theme, then roll them onto the table for others to interpret while you are likewise interpreting your opponents' themes with the goal of scoring the most points. The trick is, you can't touch the dice after they're rolled, so you have to physically move around the table to decipher clues drawn from all angles.

Board Game: Rose Ceremony
Valentine's Day is a press-your-luck, set-collection game for 3-6 players designed by Ken Gruhl. Blue Orange sets the mood and briefly summarizes the gameplay below:
Love is in the air...or not!

Set your heart on a player of your choice and offer them a rose. Will they accept? Create bouquets of roses in Valentine's Day to win points, but the task isn't that simple as too many thorny roses will spoil the bouquet! Sometimes, it's important to know when to say "no".
Maracas is a new Bruno Faidutti game in which 3-8 players shake maracas to try to guess the correct number of gems inside. Listen carefully and shake it 'til you make it!

Board Game: Maracas
Faidutti at SPIEL '19
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