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Jack Scott Hill is Flying Frog's Art Director and also Co-Founder. He has a long history in both the video game industry and the traditional game industry. Playing and designing games from an early age, Scott (he goes by his middle name) spent his formative years playing D&D, GURPS, Car Wars, Warhammer, Magic, The Gathering and countless others. Gaming went from a hobby to more serious business as Scott and his Brother, Jason, became the first Outriders for Games Workshop (running events and conventions, including Games Day each year in Baltimore, MD). Among other traditional game work, Scott did card art for Wizards of the Coast and playtested for Privateer Press during the development of War Machine.

Scott also loves video games and carved out a career in the video game industry as a lead artist, creating characters, animations, UI, and FX for PC, console, and handheld games. Starting in sports games, he worked on titles such as Microsoft Baseball (PC), Microsoft NFL Fever (Xbox), and Microsoft NBA Inside Drive (Xbox). Later game titles became more varied in genre, including Digimon Rumble Arena 2 (Xbox/Gamecube/PS2), Pirates of the Carribean 2 (PSP), Digimon Racing (Gameboy Advance), Lord of the Rings Tactics (PSP), Shrek The Third (Xbox 360/Wii/PS2/PSP/PC), Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings (PSP), Where the Wild Things Are (Xbox 360), X-Men Origins: Wolverine (Wii/PS2/PSP),and Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines (PSP).

Among other useful talents, Scott is an acomplished photographer and graphic designer. When joined with his Brother's talent for design, they made a powerful team for creating games. The games they have always wanted to play - easy to learn, dripping with theme, and an emphasis on FUN! After many years of planning and plotting, learning, making contacts, and dreaming, Scott and Jason officially created Flying Frog Productions. In 2007, they released their first game title, Last Night on Earth, The Zombie Game. The game debuted to the world at Gen Con 2007 in Indianapolis, IN and Flying Frog was on its way! Soon after, they returned to Woodinvale with the Last Night On Earth, Growing Hunger Expansion for Last Night on Earth. At Gen Con 2008, Flying Frog's second game title, A Touch of Evil, The Supernatural Game, was debuted. The following year saw the release of two boxed expansions for A Touch of Evil, A Touch of Evil: Something Wicked and ATOE: Hero Pack One. In early 2010, FFP unleashed the much-anticipated Last Night on Earth Expansions, Survival of the Fittest, LNOE: Hero Pack One, and the Zombies With Grave Weapons Miniature Set. In the Fall of 2010, Flying Frog released Invasion From Outer Space, The Martian Game, featuring a scout force of powerful Martians facing off against Earth's unlikely Heroes, a troupe of carnival performers. Soon following, FFP released its first illustrated game in early 2011, Conquest of Planet Earth, The Space Alien Game. Next up, in the Fall of 2011, Flying Frog will release its highly-anticipated classic pulp adventure boardgame, Fortune and Glory, The Cliffhanger Game.

- Taken from the Official Flying Frog Wiki

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