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(1st draft)

Amateur game designer with a sweet malediction: an compelling paid job as health data analist, that leaves no time to such key things to game design as throughout playtesting.

Game design as a passion that allows, since 13-14 yo, to analyse and sithesize interesting subjects such as:

Eleccions al Parlament (1988), with Pere Ramon Ferrero
Catalan electoral system is as intriguing subject as german "die Macher" electoral system. There are from 5 to 6 parlamentary parties (and some some of them are realy coalitions of two parties!) fighting for a dual space: right-left axis vs spanish-catalan axis.
There are several versions (aprox every Parliament election), but only the first has a complete playtest set (though is somewhat dated). Some time a complete version will be ready.

Critical Mass (AKA David vs Goliath, AKA Ethnocyde)
This is a long term research project on social changes, with a demographic perspective. There is no hurry: this is THE game I will finish and will rock.

Zhan Guo (els regnes combatents)
A game on the chinese warring states period, inspired by some good Martin Wallace mechanics. Each player tries to optimize his prestige on a background of rising and falling states.
This game has been playtested and it works. It is a firm candidate to develop with Esen in mind (if I ever lose my job, that is).

1936-1940 (1995)
A reseach project turned an educational simulation. It is based on factual data: francoist spain official laws as they were approved, since the beggining of the civil war (1936) through the early postwar (1940).
In a sense is more historical reenactment than a true game. The main object is to realize the cruelty fascism and ill-aimed national-catholicism in action.

Caspa 1940 (2007)
This is a more gamey perspective of the same period, inspired by a particularly entertaining campaing of "Historias de La Puta Mili" RPG. An analysis on how survive as a middle class family the crude and grey postwar and its powers-thah-be (church, falangists, landlords, civil guard...).
The board, components and first draft of the rules are there. The political incorrectness of the game makes the project somewhat hot... perhaps that's why I'd love to have the time to develop it thoughout!

TD Touchdown (september 1991)
Published in Lider Magazine (number 25). As a fan of the late WLAF Barcelona Dragons, and member of Lider staff, I managed to design a game on American Football, that I will soon post on BGG (along with some World League of American Football memorabilia).

Tour the France (1970s), with my teenagers colleagues from Berga
My first game design project was about one of our summer passions: cycling.
We regretfully left no written version of it. For many years I though of redoing it, but since then two things appened: Armstrong somewhat doubtful performance broke my passion for cycling and recently "Leader 1" has become what I was aiming to. What a great game, BTW.

·Human towers
Apinya't, el joc dels Castellers de Badalona (1990), with Toni "Il·lustració" Muñoz graphic design.
Already published and on BGG. A pacheesi on steroids of which I'm quite proud, as many people has played and enjoyed it.

Amunt! el joc de cartes dels Castellers de Badalona (1994)
This game almost got published, and I dare say it will eventually be. It has been extensively platested, but stil lacks the powerful graphic design of Toni's Apinya't. A compelx earlier version (Lanzarote hollidays) gave birth to "Apinya't" and inspires "Amunt!".
A tense card game on individual human tower building, with agonizing decisions to be made at almost every step! Can be played as a multiplayer solitary for extra tension: only the team to reach the highest towers can be declared the winner (this competitive perspective is almost too thematic).

·Science fiction
La conquesta de l'espai (2006)
A crossover of Traveller 2300 RPG with Armaggedon movie and Web & Starship boardgame. Players aim to discover and conquest planets, while several menaces await in space.
The board is based on an factual star systems around hearth. The first draft of the rules is stil incomplete and it has not been playtested yet.

·TV and Literature
Q-leBron (early 1990s), with Xavi Cañellas
In the wake of venezuelan soap operas entry in Spain we designed two "estrides" game versions of "cristal". The games were fun, but we felt this was just a fad and there was no point to follow the project. The fad is now more than 15 years old and does not seem to stop. Perhaps we should give a second look to the project.

·Game redux
La revolta confederal
A FitG-lite (FitG=Freedom in the Galaxy). A homege to FitG, one of the most compelling games I've ever played.
The game was designed around two basic ideas:
3D board (one of my favorite subjects)
random generation of the board (an Excell application)
This is a decent game, ASAIAK.

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