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The Library of Napoleonic Battles
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Napoleon's Last Battles series
NLB Series
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Napoleon's Last Battles (NLB-Series):

  • scale: 480m (525 yards)/ hex;
  • strength: 500-800 men/SP;
  • turn-duration: 1 hour/turn

(from OSG website:)

THE LIBRARY OF NAPOLEONIC BATTLES is a two-player simulation of 70 battles at the Grand Tactical level. The series is planned to cover all the major battles of the Napoleonic Wars, from Napoleon's first army command in Italy, 1796, to his final defeat at Waterloo 19 years and two months later.

The French Player must exploit the strengths of the constantly evolving French army against a host of Coalition Forces, using a tried and tested game system based on the classic Napoleon's Last Battles. The optional card rules allow for uncertainty as to both side's exact Order of Battle, and allows forces that were actually within range to participate unexpectedly. The uncertainty here allows for a more real-world situation, since the actual commanders never knew what forces they were facing, sometimes not even their own reinforcement schedule.

The system employs Leaders, Vedettes, Hidden Forces, Road March, Baggage Trains, March Orders, Repulse, Pontoons and Alternate Reinforcements. You must use your vedettes to break through the enemy screen, and obtain scouting reports on enemy forces. You will need to maintain your supply line, as each Corps has its own baggage train which was of symbolic value as well as serving a practical need. You will need to maximize the use of your officers and commanders to maximize your striking power.

THE LIBRARY OF NAPOLEONIC BATTLES is to include 18 volumes, several of which have been published already. The next title of this series is now available for pre-order. Each volume of the Library includes between three and five complete battle games, each with one long scenario - the "Approach to Battle," which can be played in 4-5 hours - and one short "Day of Battle" scenario, which can be played in 2-3 hours.

For players desiring the complete experience, each volume includes a Campaign Game which encompasses all the battles in one volume played in sequential order. Each package concentrates on a single year of campaigning, and the results of one battle will influence the set-up for the next game in the campaign. Guide your army from its first contact with the enemy until the final showdown!

THE LIBRARY OF NAPOLEONIC BATTLES uses one and the same mature set of rules that will not be redesigned along the way. Hence, you will be able to learn the rules once and then just focus on the unique situation presented by each battle.

More Information Edit | History

Other games very similiar in scale and using the same Napoleon's Later Campaigns rules:

Series rules:

Alternate house rules:
Last Battles of Napoleon by Markus Stumptner and
Carl Paradis' rules.

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