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From the Mage Knight Board Game Game Walkthrough:

The so-called Heroes who plundered the lost city of Dragon's Gate did not know it was they who would cause the end of the world as they knew it. Thinking that the reference to a gate in the city’s name was apocryphal, they were surprised to ́nd an actual magical gate beneath the long forgotten city. The Heroes were naive enough to open it, killing them instantly. All Magestone, the most concentrated magical substance in existence – detonated, causing millions of deaths and many of the previous seats of power to fall.
The Breaking as it became known was 32 years ago. Since then, many of the factions were able to reassemble some of their lost power. The once formidable Atlantean Empire struggles to reunite its kingdom in the face of an all-out assault from the Orc Khans. Where once the Orcs were content with raids on the borderlands, the rumors of powerful new creatures, perhaps under the control of the Atlanteans, have made them afraid that their window of opportunity is rapidly closing. Fortresses are falling to rampaging hordes of the Khan army, and there are rumors that the Emperor, fearing an eventual assault on the kingdom’s most powerful cities, has been increasing his defenses and asking for assistance from old and now silent allies.
In several forgotten tombs beneath the Empire, Draconum chrysalis, now in their ́nal stages of maturation are hatching. The Draconum that will emerge from these ancient incubators are an entirely new evolution, unlike anything the land has ever seen. These long-lost invaders have timed their awakening to coincide with the prophecy that a leader of their kind would emerge at this appointed hour. Until that force is known, they seek to destroy, conquer, and amass power for themselves. As the land suffers under the Orc raids, and the Draconum break through their underground hatchery, yet a third force has arrived on the scene. The peasants call them Mage Knights – as they proved equally adept at spell and blade. No one knows who sent them, or why. Some celebrate them as Heroes and liberators and are eager to join their armies, as they believe that they can bring about true stability with their might. Most fear them, and close the gates of their cities as the Mage Knights are strange and choose to remain silent on their motives. In just a few days, a handful of Mage Knights have swept through the countryside in what would have taken entire armies months to conquer. The only hint as to their motivation is that they are clearly heading to the capital. Tonight, they will reach its walls...
You are a Mage Knight, sent to invade the Atlantean Empire at the behest of the Council of the Void. In a past you have long forgotten, you traded your independence for powers that rival those of the gods. In exchange, the Council asks only loyalty; and now you are being called on to carry out your mission without questioning their intentions. Your reward for your continued obedience: Fame, power, knowledge and treasure. Anything you encounter while on your mission is yours to keep, and you are free to work with, or against your fellow Mage Knights as you carry out the Council’s commands.
Perhaps someday you will regret your decision to join the ranks of the Void, but for now you march towards the silhouette of a city on the horizon.

This family contains Mage Knight Board Game and any expansions or stand-alone games that are related to the fantasy Universe of Mage Knight.

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