Captain's Log #12

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Issue: Captain's Log #12
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Captain's Log #12
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Data: 80 pages, 5+3 scenarios, 6 new SSD, ? new ships described, other things

From the back cover:

The Long Road Home is the story of a WYN frigate on a secret mission through Kzinti, Klingon, Lyran, LDR and Federation Space. The history section also includes a special look at Kzinti officers.

Star Fleet Database: Communications, announcements, products schedules, Why?, Decisions of the Board of proposals, Ask Kommodore Ketrick, updates on recent products, Conventions and Tournaments, Battle Force 525 (Battle Tugs at War), an example of electronic warfare, and a look at the Star Fleet Academy Final Exam.

Universe: Ten more questions from players on the Doomsday Edition. Background from Prime Directive. Solitaire and Reserve ship variants for Star Fleet Missions. Players update on X-ships and marines. Strategies from the Star Fleet Warlord play-by-mail game. Tactical Intelligence play aid. Copyable posters and ads for your club and tournament.

Scenarios: The Klingon battlecruiser Destruction makes its Finishing Run. The Airsisians use Klingon weapons to Win a Few against the Federation. The Kzinti carrier Typhoon engages an Andromedan Intruder. Hydran raiders meet Unexpected Resistance. Pilot rescue turns deadly with Escorts En Passant.

The Early Years: A preview of Module Y, when the warp power was new and ships fought lonely battles on far frontiers. Complete rules, three scenarios, and six SSDs (Federation Republic, Klingon D4, Lyran Dawn Tiger, Gorn Early Cruiser, Kzinti Early Strike Cruiser and Frigate.

Tactics: Terms Paper including a special section on Tractor Beams. The Tactics Board sends Orions against a Fed Convoy. Victory at Origins '93. Ask Uncle Ardak. How to employ a web caster.

Federation & Empire: Questions and Answers. Tactical Notes. Commentaries. Coalition Strategy. Early Years scenario.

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Captain's Log #12
Capitain Log #12
Year: 1993
Soft Cover
Product Code: 5708
ISBN-10: 0-922335-45-1
80 pages
Size: Letter
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