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Dispatches From the Bunker #37
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A magazine dedicated to Advanced Squad Leader:

4 scenarios, as described by the publisher:

Stossgruppe Schlicter: Nice tourney sized offering from Bruce Childs finds us in Norway 1940 as the German force is trying to remove a roadblock, cause casualties and exit. Quick playing with variable game length. Boards 34 & 37.

Anchoring the Line: The latest RB action from Any Hershey see the Germans on defense on New Years Eve 1942 in the east-central part of the Barricades.
Reinforced infantry companies on both sides as the Russians try to take back buildings from the German defenders. Variable VPs for buildings in the German set up area lead to a guessing game on what they are worth. Nice SSRs spice things up.

LZ S: Mike Puccio's latest look at the Glider attacks into Germany in March '45.

Reinforced company of glider troops with plenty of SWs and some ordnance land around and possibly amidst German artillery positions on Boards 1a, 43 & 44.

Taking out the guns is the goal. Very cool scenario with instant action as the gliders try to land amongst AA fire.

Mawchi Road: A big, large, nasty PTO fight from Joe Gochinski sees Brits of the Royal Berkshire Regiment trying to clear the Mawchi Road at Toungoo, Burma.

Both sides have 3 company sized infantry units that are augmented from a pool of Divisional assets including SMCs/SWs/Ordnance for the IJA and a fleet of various armed carriers for the British. Although a Big Scenario on Boards 50, 63 & q, it plays fairly short due to only being 6.5 turns long and with all that firepower units tend to disappear quickly as well. Killer scenario in every way.

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Dispatches From the Bunker #37
First edition
Year: 2013
Soft Cover
Size: Letter
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