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(Note: a different game company from Table Top Games, Inc..)

Tabletop Games was founded by Bob Conner in the 1970's. He started tabletop games because he thought figures were too expensive and not enough innovative rules were seeing the light of day. Without him the late Ian beck might never have published his distinctive rules. It was Bob who published Rudis, Pony Wars and Once Upon a Time in the West and Shock of Impact all utilising the distinctive artwork of JD Spencer.

He also issued the series of complete tabletop games of the micro series (Series I and Series II Games). In additiona Bob published Halifax Wargame Group members well known rules Retinue - Medieval skirmish, Action Under sail - Napoleonic, and Armada.

Tabletop Games frequently attended small local conventions with the UK. The owner Bob Conner passed away in 2003.

Tabletop Games published a number of micro-games and miniature rulesets in the late 1970's thru 2003. They are higly compact, require only a small playing area but still retain the qualities of a more conventional minatures-based game. The company co-published a number of these game via Heritage Models, Inc. and the cover art and the layout of some of these games varies between the Tabletop Games version vs. the Heritage Models versions.

The company was sold June 14 2004 following the death of company principal Bob Conner to new owners. Dave Polhill formed Tabletop Games Ltd. and acquired the rights to the Tabletop Game line. The Company claimed on its website that they were unable to locate many of the authors of the games and royalty payments were not paid to the game authors in some cases after the change in ownership. This company developed a basic website which existed from 2004-2008. However, the website ceased being updated in 2006.

Tabletop Games Ltd. primarily became a game distributor of multiple product lines after this time but did continue carry some of the tabletop game line. The rights to the miniature games were split to a different entity in 2004 and some of the those miniatures can still be purchased at They currently sell digital copies of the Laserburn Rulesets.

In December 2005 Tabletop Games Ltd. acquired the company Gamers Quest. The company merged stock with Gamers Quest and moved to a new location in 2006 in order to hold the stock of both companies.

The miniature line has been acquired by

In November 2004 Tabletop Games Ltd. introduced the Tabletop Games Classics line of re-released titles in a new A4 format. The first two reprints were "Once Apon a Time in the West” and “Imperial Commander”.
Siege, Medieval Skirmish Rules, Probsub, Dreadnought Era, Dreadnought Ship Data Cards, Action Under Sail (4th Edition), Advanced Laserburn, Combat 3000, Starhound, Encounter 1, Bodycount, Challenger 2000, Modern Equipment Handbook Part 1, Firefly,Death in a Distant Land, Death in a Distant Land Scenarios were also reprinted.

Series I Games were printed in the mid 1970's thru the early 1980's.

Series II Games were printed in the late 1970's thru the mid 1980's.
These games are designed to enable players to recreate complete battles in a particular period of military history. Each games is complete in itself, but in addition, there are extra Army/Force cards available in each period to increase the scope of the game.

The series of Miniature Games were published from the 1970's through 1994.

Tabletop Games published game lines for other game design companies:

ACTIVE SERVICE PRESS created a number of titles that were published by Tabletop Games:
Indian Mutiny
Crimean War
American Civil War
Quick Play American Civil War
The Great War 1914-15
Medieval Skirmish Rules
Terrain Maps for Wargames
Death in a Distant Land - French-Canadian & American War of Independence Rules
Scenarios for Above
Sword & Bayonet

M.G. Strachan Productions (New Zealand Wargame Company) Tabletop printing in UK:
American Civil War
First Bull Run
Second Bull Run
Cedar Mountain
Fair Oaks
Wilson Creek
Stones River
The Uniforms and Organizations of the Armies of the Franco-Prussian War
Warfare in the Industrial Age - Wargame Rules for Warfare in Europe and North America for the Period 1854-1871

They Printed the following games:

TTG-M-GAL Galactic War
TTG-M-OS1 Order Sheets
TTG-M-ANC Micro Ancients
TTG-M-MTB M.T.B. - Motor Torpedo Boat
TTG-M-GC1 Game Cards
TTG-M-MED Micro Medieval

TTG-M-NAP Micro Napoleonic
TTG-M-BAL Ballistic Missile

TTG-M-COL Micro Colonial

TTG-M-WWII Micro Modern World War II

TTG-M-SFI Micro Sci-Fi

TTG-M-N01 Micro Fleet WWI

TTG-M-N02 Micro Fleet WWII

TTG-M-N03 Micro Fleet Napoleonic

Series II Additional Armies

TTG-MA-A01 Persian
TTG-MA-M01 Burgundians
TTG-MA-N01 Prussian
TTG-MA-A02 Macedonian
TTG-MA-M02 Scots
TTG-MA-N02 Russian
TTG-MA-A03 Gallic
TTG-MA-M03 Italian States
TTG-MA-N03 Austrian
TTG-MA-A04 British
TTG-MA-M03 Russian

TTG-MA-A05 Indian
TTG-MA-M05 Polish

TTG-MA-A06 Sassanid
TTG-MA-M06 German

TTG-MA-A07 Byzantine
TTG-MA-M07 Spanish

TTG-MA-A08 Goth
TTG-MA-N04 Polish

TTG-MA-A09 Hun
TTG-MA-N05 Spanish

TTG-MA-A10 Late Roman

TTG-MA-A11 Egyptian

TTG-MA-A12 Assyrian

TTG-MA-A13 Seleucid

TTG-MA-A14 Chinese

TTG-MA-A15 Norman

TTG-MA-A16 Saxon

TTG-MA-A17 Viking

TTG-MA-C01 British / Egyptian (Sudan)
TTG-MA-W01 German Infanry (Eastern Front)
TTG-MA-S01 Xylon Vikings
TTG-MA-C02 Dervish (Sudan)
TTG-MA-W02 German Panzer Gren. (Eastern Front)
TTG-MA-S02 Time Warriors
TTG-MA-C03 Rorkes Drift Set
TTG-MA-W03 German SS (Eastern Front)
TTG-MA-S03 Kripton

TTG-MA-W04 Russian Armoured (Eastern Front)
TTG-MA-S04 Star Pods

TTG-MA-W05 Russian Mech Inf. (Eastern Front)

TTG-MA-W06 British Infantry (North Africa)

TTG-MA-W07 British Armoured (North Africa)

TTG-MA-W08 German Light (North Africa)

TTG-MA-W09 German Infantry (North Africa)

TTG-MA-W10 US Armoured (North Africa)

TTG-MA-W11 Italian Mech. Inf. (North Africa)

Naval WWI
Naval Napoleonic
Series II Spares
TTG-MN-101 British Jutland Set
TTG-MN-301 Trafalgar Fleets
TTG-M-OS2 Order Sheets
TTG-MN-102 German Jutland Set

TTG-M-GC2 Game Cards

TTG-M-CC2 Combat Charts

TTG-M-TC2 Terrain Cards

TTG-M-WD2 Wind Direction Disc

Miniature Rulesets published by Tabletop Games

Medieval and Renaissance
18th Century
The Shock of Impact
Lance (3 Editions / Medieval)
Mid 18th Century Rules
The Shock of Impact Army Lists
Tercio (5 Editions / Renaissance)
18th Century Army Lists
Ancient Army Lists Kadesh to Dyrrachium
SIEGE (Med & Anc Siege Warfare)
ARMADA (Naval Rules)

American Civil War
Napoleons War (Fast Play)
Circa 1863
The 1879 Zulu War (Colonial Rules)
To the Sound of Guns (3 Editions)
American Civil War Rules (ASP)
Soldiers of the Queen (Colonial)
To the Sound of Guns Army Lists
Fast Play American Civil War Rules (ASP)
More Soldiers of the Queen
25mm Napoleonic Rules
When Johnnie Comes Marching Home - ACW Rules
Pony Wars (Indian Fighting
Napoleonic Army Lists 1/50 & 1/20 Scale

Warfare in the Industrial Age in Europe and North American for the period 1854-1871 (M.G. Strachan)
200 Years (5mm Rules)

Death in a Distant Land (French Canadian & American War of Independence Rules)(ASP)
200 Years Army List

Scenarios for Death in a Distant Land (ASP)
Action Under Sail (4 Editions)

L'Empereur (Rules and Game for Napoleons Campagins in Europe)

Fantasy & Sci-Fi
Trench (WWI Trench Warfare)
Firefly (1/300th Rules)
Reaper (Fantasy Wargame Rules)
Dogfight Over Flanders (WWI Air)
Combined Arms (1/300th Rules)
Fungoid Trolls (Reaper Expansion)
Kaiserbosh (WWI Rules)
WWII Army Lists & Organizations
Monster Combat (pre-historic & fantasy)
Dreadnought (WWI Naval Rules
Tactical Commander (Skirmish)
Combat 3000 (Sci-Fi Comabat)
Ship Data Charts (British / German)
Korps Commander WWII (Div Scale)
Combat 3001 (Expansion)
The Great War 1914-18 Rules (ASP)
WWII Battlezones (Scenarios)
Star Force 300

Salvo Fire (WWII Naval Rules)
Encounter 1 (Space Fleet Actions) (3 Editions) (ASP)

Starhound (Space Fighter Combat)(ASP)

Modern Period
Role Playing & Skirmish Rules
Once Upon a Time in the West
Basic Laserburn Ruleset
Challenger Revised Edition
Return to Once Upon a Time in the West
Advanced Laserburn
Challenger II
Rudis (Gladitorial Combat)
Robot (Robots & Androids)
Challenger 2000
Retinue (Medieval Skirmish)
Forces of the Imperium
Battlezones - Scenarios for the Ultra Modern Period
Sword & Shield (Ancient Skirmish)
Imperial Commander (Military Combat)
Corps Commander OMG (Div Scale)
Sword & Pistol (Rennasiance Skirmish)
Scavenger (Solo Book)
By Air & Sea (Naval / Airborne OPs
Gridiron Heroes (American Football)
Bunker 17 Scenario
Firefight (Modern Skirmish)
Sword & Bayonet (Colonial Skirmish) (ASP)
Sewerville Shootout Scenario
Bodycount (Vietnam)
Medieval Skirmish Rules (ASP)
Sea Prison Siege Scenario
Probsub (Sub-v-Sub Rules)

Tarim Towers Heist
Skyfight (Modern Air Combat)

Record Sheet for Laserburn
Ultra Modern Army Lists and Organisations (For WRG Ruleset)

Ultra Modern Army Lists and Organisations Second Edition (For WRG Ruleset)

Ultra Modern Army Lists and Organistation Volume 1 Challenger

Ultra Modern Army Lists & Organisation Volume 2 Challenger

Digest No. 3 - Challenger / Corps Commander

Digest 4 Ultra Modern Army Lists for Challenger II Rules

Digest 5 Ultra Modern Army Lists for Challenger II Rules

Modern Aircraft Handbook - Aircaraft Details & Weapons for Challenger II

Revised Modern Aircraft Handbook - Aircaraft Details & Weapons for Challenger II

19th Century

Crimean War Rules (ASP)
Terrain Maps for Wargames (100 Maps)(ASP)

19th Century Skirmish - Birmingham Backshooters (ASP)
Musketeer - Wargames Rules 1490-1690

Indian Mutiny Rules (ASP)

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