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About Post Scriptum

Since 2005 we work as publishers, developers and gaming studio.

We normally publish family games in our own catalogue (Fun Farm, Brick Party and some other we made for the Italian market) and follow the developement and production of gamers' games fot other publishers (Florenza, Bretagne, Kepler-3042 for Placentia Games, for example). Furthermore, we licensed other kind of games to international partners (Thématik for Cocktail Games and Castles for Heidelberger, for the moment, but some others will be published soon), and we work on promotional games, mostly for Italian market.

We love developing games and we think we are good in it :)

Here you can find an almost complete list of games we worked on, or we simply playtested and gave feedbacks to other publishers.


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Wendake (2017)

In Wendake, you will be placed in the shoes of a chief of a Native American tribe. You will have to manage all of the most important aspects of their lives, earning points on the Economic, Military, Ritual, and Mask Tracks. The core of the game is the action selection mechanism: you will have the opportunity to choose better and better actions over 7 game rounds, and the winner will be the player who can find the best combinations of actions and use them to lead their tribe to prosperity.

During the game you will score points in 4 tracks. Such tracks are coupled randomly at the beginning of the game.
For each pair of tracks, you only score the number of points indicated by the Score marker on the lower value.

Kepler-3042 (2016)

The year is 3042: Humanity is ready to explore the galaxy. The most interesting celestial bodies to explore, and eventually colonize, have been known for centuries, and the nations of Earth finally have the technological level to reach them, thus beginning an unarmed competition that in the end the whole of humanity will win.

Kepler-3042 is a resource management game in which you have to explore, colonize, exploit, and terraform the planets of the Milky Way using the available technologies. In each round, you must choose which action to perform and which bonus to activate, managing your supplies of matter, energy and antimatter. The peculiar strength of the game is the innovative resource management: Each player has a finite amount of matter, energy and antimatter that they can produce or spend during the game. In each round, they can decide to burn forever one or more resources to perform powerful actions, thereby allowing them to follow different strategies.

Sator Arepo Tenet Opera Rotas: Malleus Maleficarum (2015)

Sator Arepo Tenet Opera Rotas: Malleus Maleficarum, a new version of Sator Arepo Tenet Opera Rotas, appears seven years after the original game and it contains the new Malleus Maleficarum expansion.
In Sator Arepo Tenet Opera Rotas, players must use their cards to move and rotate footbridges and create paths where their monks can move to recover the lost books. Each player also has their own set of Liber Fidei cards that allow them to perform special moves only once per game. The first player to recover all their books wins.
The Malleus Maleficarum expansion adds a new set of rules in which players can discard cards during other player's turns to move the ghost of the Black Monk on the board. The ghost curses every player it meets during its wandering in the ancient room. Players can also decide to gain Curses to play their Malleus Maleficarum cards, which are very powerful, but beware: Curses cause players to play with fewer action points or fewer cards!

Bretagne (2015)

Bretagne is a worker placement game in which players must build lighthouses on the coast of Bretagne in the 19th century.
On each turn players take actions, such as trade resources, cards or money, hire workers or engineers and of course use resources, workers or engineers to build.

Players can choose to score points immediately when they build or decide otherwise to take part at the final evaluation of the lighthouse. If they score immediately, they guarantee themselves some points; if they wait, they could reach higher scores or send workers to harbors to earn extra bonuses for the remaining rounds. So choose wisely!

Brick Party (2015)

Are you better at building with plastic bricks...or explaining how to do it? What if you have to build with your eyes closed or with just one hand? Or if you must explain it without words? Can you still be faster than your opponents?

Brick Party is a funny and frenzied game of crazy building! Reveal the special rule for the round, choose your teammate and get ready! Then grab the blocks and build the shape you choose faster than the others! And in the next round? New special rules, new partners and new shapes...for a game that will never bore you!

Brick Party contains 36 plastic construction bricks and 165 cards with shapes that the players will use to build their constructions.

Zena 1814 (2015)

The events of Zena 1814 take place during the eight months in which Genoa was an independent city (Zena means Genoa in genoese dialect), following the end of Napoleonic domination and lasting until the Restoration of the Congress of Vienna. As the city's greatest families did in reality, you must cooperate with your rivals to reap the rewards of shared commercial ventures and the prestige of successful military victories. But your ultimate goal is to surpass all the others in the race for prestige! Zena 1814 is a game in which cooperation and competition always concertize — but in the end there will be only one winner!

The focus point is that is possible to place influence cubes on cards, including the ones played by opponents. This causes a very strong interaction among players and plenty of choices.

In each round, players can move their pawns through the game areas and play cards from their hand belonging to areas where they have at least a pawn. On each card there are spaces that allow others to influence it; the player who played it must influence it, while the others can decide whether to do it or not in order to obtain the effect of that card. Each time a player chooses to influence a card played by another, this one gains a smaller one-time bonus.
This co-partnership aspect reflects what really happened amongst Genoese families in those years...

Florenza: The Card Game (2013)

After the success of Florenza, Placentia Games introduces its sequel: Florenza: The Card Game, a stand-alone game in which players are once again at the heads of the most important families of Florence during the Renaissance. As in the original game, players try to hire the best artists to embellish the monuments of the city, but they can also build workshops and houses or join guilds to strengthen their power and have more resources and money to manage.

Players gather the needed money and resources from central or district workshops. To build district buildings (cards in hand) or embellish city monuments (cards in play) they'll need to have those resources and hire one from the available artists in play. Other cards in hand represent personal district buildings, houses, workshops and corporations (which can grant points during the final phase of the game or benefits during the game).

Fun Farm (2013)

The animals escaped from the farm! You need to bring them back before they get into trouble... and you'll want to do that faster than your opponents to save them quicker than anyone else!

In the fast-catching game Fun Farm players compete to spot and catch the animal shown on the cards before their opponents. Each round the active player reveals the top card from the deck placing it next to the others still on the table. Each card depicts an animal, a black die (showing one coloured side), and a white die (showing one coloured side). The player then rolls the black die and the white die. If a die depicted on a card matches the color rolled on that die, players race to grab the animal toy from the table that matches the animal depicted on the card. Who grab the right animal first claims the card, and once the deck runs out whoever has the most cards wins!

Ark & Noah (2012)

Ark & Noah is a game of strategy in which players not only must compete for points, but also work together to build and load the Ark. Everyone shares the objective of saving the animals, but there will be only one winner!

In the game, the players take the place of Noah and his sons. They must find the animal couples and load them on the Ark before the Flood starts. In each round, they choose which action they will take between Searching for Animals, Collecting Wood, Food or Pitch, Building their colour's Corrals and Loading Animals on the Ark. This choices also determines the round order for the next turn. Players score points by loading animals in the right corrals better if in the player's ones. Thus, in each round there is a strategical phase (choose action) and a tactical phase (execute action). Think carefully!

011 (2011)

The battle for the final truth has begun! The ancient feud between good and evil is poised to begin. But how does one distinguish who fights for who?
The game uses a new "mechanic" that manages action selection system and intrigues players with a paradox: the eight characters are all working together to stop the Ragnarök but only one player can achieve victory! The characters in the game share names and faces with the members of the Symphonic Metal band Therion, and the game is officially supported by the band.

Florenza (2010)

In Florenza, the players are in command of the most powerful families in Florenza during the Renaissance period. The goal of the game is to become the most famous patron of the arts by hiring the most famous artists of the period and financing their works.

Caligula (2009)

The year is 41 AD. Dagger blades shine in the moonlight. Another successful conspiracy. Another emperor is dead! Step into the shoes of the most powerful Romans: Senators, patricians, soldiers or plebians as you plot to replace the emperor with one of your own choosing. Form alliances with your opponents, and betray them when the time is right. After all this is Rome... and betrayal is the finest of the weapons! Caligula is an intriguing mix of strategy and luck, calculation and bluff, tactics and diplomacy set in the treacherous days of the Roman Empire.

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