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Board Game: Organized Crime
Board Game
Organized Crime
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Koplow first edition
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11.40 x 21.50 x 1.10 inches
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Excellent Mafia strategy game. Best with 4 players. Usually runs for 4 hours. Each player is the boss of a Mafia family. Ultimate objective is to be the last surviving Boss by rubbing out the others and their protective Hit men. Moving your Hitmen round the board you aim to gain power by controlling profitable illegal and business activities. However to get control of these activities you need a positive vote by all the Bosses. Money gives you more votes. You can also buy Corrupt Officials, like Senators, who give you more votes. Voting is fun as you seek you influence the other Bosses or create alliances.

As they move around, your Hitmen can kill other Hitmen, and risked being rubbed out themselves. They also try to avoid making Mistakes which can be costly. They also try to pick up useful Power cards.

At any turn, you can decide to launch an attack on a player's Home base where the Boss is. If successful, the other player is out of the game. If not, you risk retribution.

Great fun, with a lot of skill and negotiation.