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Junta is a simple boardgame along the lines of Chess, Draughts or Othello. The Wikipedia article refers to a game that includes currency and Banana republics, but this is NOT that game.

Junta is played on a grid like board, overlaid on an old style atlas of the world. Not all grid points are connected, creating obstacles to moves. Generals can move any distance in a straight line provided there is a road, and no other General blocking them. Each player starts with 12 Generals, one side Red, the other Black. Red always goes first. The Generals are set out in a 3x4 grid on opposite corners of the board. The diagonally opposite corners are the Presidents, who do not move. If the President is taken, another general may move into the corner spot (Capital city) and become President. If an opposing General occupies the Capital City, they become the new dictator and win the game.

Pieces can be taken in two different ways, "mobbing" and "squaring". "Mobbing" is achieved by moving a piece into a position where it blocks an opposing General from making any move. "Squaring" can only take place on squares marked with crossed swords. In these locations, moving a General into position such that he completes the square (all four corners occupied by Generals) allows one opposing general in the square to be taken. Only opposing Generals that are adjacent may be taken.

All in all, the game is simple to learn and games last about 10 minutes or so. Great filler game and a good introduction to strategic play for kids.

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