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From the Z-Man Games newsletter:

Quest: A Time of Heroes is a fantasy adventure
game in the great tradition of other fantasy role
playing adventure games, like the choose your own
adventure books and wonderful old games like
Heroquest. Quest: A Time of Heroes is a one
against all style of game, with one player taking on
the role of the Quest Master, while up to four
other brave souls take on the roles of the heroes
whose exploits and daring will see an end to the
tyrannies of the world. Over the course of
adventures, player characters will grow and
develop, learning new gifts, gaining items and
improving their attributes.

The game functions something like a mix between
a paragraph adventure book and a role playing
game, with the Quest Master reading the relevant
scenes to the players, who then make many and
varied choices about what they will do. Player
actions and choices will, in turn, have a major
impact on the subsequent occurrences in and
direction of the adventure. Combat between the
characters and their foes runs something like a
tabletop game, with terrain impeding or providing
opportunities to characters, and tactical choices
about where to move and how to attack playing
important roles.

The Quest Master is a role that anyone can play, and the structure of adventures means that it is an easy
role to perform, but includes as much challenge and as many interesting choices as the role of a hero. The
first adventure is designed as a learning game, so heroes and the Quest Master alike can quickly read the
basics, set-up and jump into a game with the minimum hassle. There is also a section in the rules covering
guidelines on creating your own adventures, so particularly creative players have the opportunity to baffle
and entangle the heroes in quests of their own division.

Heroes need to work together, deciding how best to use the groups strengths and weaknesses, and as
importantly - who will open that innocent looking chest in the corner - are vital parts of playing the game
well. If players can't decide, the leader can always pull rank and force a decision on the group, however, as
the leader changes each time this happens, it is important to use it wisely, and for the benefit of all! Dice
rolls will decide challenges, with players attributes and gifts also significant factors in whether a test will be
a success or a fail.

The Quest Master need not worry about the power creep of experienced heroes either, as their minions
and arch villans receive bonuses, and the Quest Master will have access to more event cards which can be
used when the heroes seem too close to winning for comfort.

Each adventure in Quest is also playable in a session, with games lasting around an hour. If players are
playing a particularly long game, or find they are spending as much time bragging about their achievements
and ordering ale in the tavern as they are rescuing those in need, then adventures also include scripted
pauses - points in an adventure where characters can rest their weary feet for the night and the players can
join them again when next they meet together.

Quest: A Time of Heroes is an epic game filled with characters, development, fantasy motifs and plenty of

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