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Multilingual second edition (International Edition)
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12.50 x 9.00 x 3.33 inches
4.40 pounds
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Dec 2011
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Pastiche International Edition

Changes include:

1) The addition of 8 mini wooden easels. They are lightweight and stylish and reasonably priced (we will be offering them in packages of 8 to consumers for $7.99 for those who already own the first edition). And they will now also be included in the second edition box.

2) The size of the box is now deeper by 15mm. The box insert has been modified (deepened) to accommodate the easels. The insert has also been modified in that all 4 card cavities have also been deepened and a clear plastic lid now clips in and covers all of the card cavities and the center cavity as well. This means no more card slippage within the box and a very neat clean array whenever you open the box, regardless of how you store or ship it.

3) The commission cards have been modified showing artist bonuses; and highlighting the names of the artists.

4) The rules are now 60 pages long and have four new languages in addition to English: French, German, Dutch, and Italian. Additionally, the rules are better organized and laid out and a 2 page educational section on the history and nature of color theory; and the color wheel has been added to the rules.

5) A new card has been added to indicate the First Player.

6) Additional printing changes include: a) Bisque in now 5 points;
b) the Annunciation yellow dab has been replaced by a black dab so now all the cards total exactly the sum of their component cards;
d) the palette Board has been modified and now has a more rational and user-friendly lay out; e) the reference cards are slightly modified for the Turn Sequence.

7) The new edition replaces 14 commission cards with 14 new commission cards. The new commission cards are as follows:

Georges Seurat Le Bec du Hoc, Grandcamp
Georges Seurat Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte
Mary Cassatt Breakfast in Bed
Mary Cassatt Woman Holding a Dog
Jan Vermeer Woman Holding a Balance
Jan Vermeer Young Woman with a Water Jug
Winslow Homer Summer Night
Winslow Homer Summer Squall
Auguste Renoir Luncheon of the Boating Party
Auguste Renoir Two Sisters
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec Portrait of Monsieur Maurice Joyant
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec At the Moulin de Galette
Claude Monet The Terrace at Sainte-Adresse
Vincent Van Gogh Bedroom

The removed commission cards are:

Cezanne Still Life with Onions
Cezanne Still Life with Tureen
Rembrandt Supper at Emmaeus
Rembrandt The Night Watch
Ter Borch The Concert
Ter Borch Woman Reading
DaVinci Portrait of a Lady
DaVinci Mona Lisa
Bazille Portrait of Renoir
Bazille Family Reunion
Degas Dancers in Blue
Degas Dancer with Bouquet
Monet Tulip Fields
Van Gogh Ladies of Arles

8) Both of the 14 card commission card sets will be available for purchase separately, so owners of the first edition can purchase the 14 new commission cards, and owners of the new international edition can purchase the 14 commission cards from the first edition.

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