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Board Game: Asalto
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First edition
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14.50 x 8.00 x 1.25 inches
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Played on a cross shaped board divided into 40 triangles which have 22 black sides and 46 red sides. Pieces sit on the dots at the intersections of the sides.
One player starts with two "Officers" which he places on any two of the central nine dots of the citadel.The "Soldier" player gets 24 "Soldiers" which fill the 24 dots outside the citadel.

The Soldier player moves first and moves one soldier per turn.

Soldiers initially only move towards the citadel one space at a time and only along red sides. Once they move inside the citadel they may move in any direction but only along red sides.

Officers may move one space at a time in any direction along red or black sides. An officer captures a soldier by jumping over it onto an empty space. If multiple jumps are possible then they are mandatory.

The Soldier player wins if he either blocks the officers in so that they cannot move or he gets nine men onto the central nine dots.
The Officer player wins if he capture 16 soldiers.

Apparently related to Fox and Geese, but with different game-play and goals.