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Exclusive Warehouse 23 Munchkin Booster
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English second edition 2011
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SJG 4228
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Nov 7, 2011
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User Summary

Contains 17 all-new cards for the Munchkin series. This booster is not randomized and is only available through Warehouse 23, the official store of the publisher.

The following cards are in the set:

  • Bull-Headed (Munchkin) - Gives a combat bonus after a monster enhancer has been played.
  • Chest of Draw-ers (Munchkin) - Draw the top and bottom cards from the Door and Treasure decks. You can keep some or all of the cards.
  • Curse! Zombification (Munchkin) - Turns you into a Zombie until you win a combat. Affects your ability to give and receive help.
  • Djinn In Tonic (Munchkin) - One shot item that gives a +4, or may be used to cancel a curse. Note that this is the English version of a German promo card, Dschinn Tonic.
  • Great Caesar's Ghost (Munchkin Bites!) - A level 15 undead monster.
  • Hog Steed (Munchkin) - A +3 steed, with +2 to run away.
  • John of the Dead (Munchkin Zombies) - A level 13 undead monster.
  • Kamikatze (Munchkin Impossible) - A level 9 monster. Your footgear bonus counts for it, instead of for you.
  • Ketch-23 (Munchkin Booty) - A ship with a +3 bonus and special rules for running away
  • The King (Munchkin) - Allows you to ignore curses encountered when kicking open the door.
  • Meteor Shower (Star Munchkin) - Gives +5 to the monster side in a combat.
  • Pumped-Up (Munchkin) - A +10 monster enhancer.
  • Ranger Hireling (Munchkin) - Hireling that can carry a Ranger item for you. Also gives a +2 bonus.
  • Reap the Whirlwind (Munchkin) - Turn over all card piles. Essentially, the discards become the draw piles and vice versa.
  • Refulgence (Munchkin Bites!) - A power of rank 2 that gives a +2/+4 bonus.
  • Sailor's Yarn (Munchkin Booty) - Armor that gives a +3 as well as a +1 to run away
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