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Board Game: Divinare
Board Game
Oracle Pathway
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Simple, but devious, filler with bluffing and screwage and nice icons.” — Tony Boydell

In each round two-thirds of the Oracle cards — each showing one of the four Oracle crests: Flame, Tower, Leaf and Raindrop — are dealt out, and the remaining cards put away unseen. In each turn play one card below a pathway and move your pawns to a new step. Will you be on the right step when the round ends?

When all the cards have been played out, count up the number of each crest. If your pawn is on the matching or adjacent step you earn positive points, but if your pawn is in the wrong place, you’ll earn negative points instead.

Can you outwit and outmanoeuvre your opponents? Watch them closely, pass them the worst cards when you have the chance, and hope you don’t get caught in the wrong place at the wrong time!