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Basic Game.
Each player starts with nine balls in the right hand side on his own side of the board. The game commences with one player placing a ball on any yellow spot on the board. The other player follows, and subsequently each in turn.
The object of each player is to get 3 of his own balls in a straight line. Diagonal lines do not count.
Each time a players forms or reforms a line of 3 he calls "line" and may confiscate any one of his opponents balls.
A player may not move consecutively from and back to the same hole. Confiscated balls are placed in the left hand box.
During each turn, except the first, a player may either place a new ball on any unoccupied spot on the board, or roll any of his balls already on the board to an adjacent unoccupied spot. When a player has used all his balls his moves can only take place on the board. A ball may be rolled only along the lines connecting the spots, and only from one spot to an adjacent unoccupied one in any turn. The game finishes when one player has won all of his opponents balls.
If you find you cannot move because all adjacent spots are occupied by your opponent then your opponent continues the game until an adjacent spot is unoccupied. Then you may proceed.
Progress Game.
Each straight line is numbered 1-16 and rules of play are the same with the following amendments. When a player forms a line of 3 balls, the number on that line is recorded in the score panel of that player. That player cannot score on that line for the remainder of the game.
Scoring game.
The straight lines are coloured green, blue and red. Rules as before, but with following amendments:
1. Each time a players forms or reforms a line of 3 he scores the follows:
On a green line-1 point, on a blue line-1 point, or the option of confiscating one of his opponents balls, on a red line, 1 point, plus the right to confiscate any one of his opponents balls.
2. Provided that a player has a score in hand, he may reclaim any of his confiscated balls by reducing his score by one point per ball. Reclaimed balls are put back in the right hand box for re-use. Reclaiming can be done at any time and does not constitute a turn.
3. The game finishes when one player has scored a previously agreed number of points. The score panel can accommodate up to 16 points.

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