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Go Hunt
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First edition
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3.50 x 2.50 x 0.75 inches
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"Jan/Feb 2010"
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Goal: To collect the most matching sets, either sets of 2 or 4. You decide on game play. Matching sets 2 will make for a quicker game, sets of 4 will extend game play.

There are 16 differant card images to play and match: Bald Beaver, Big Cock, Big Honkers, Cuddly Puss, Cute Ass, Dry Puss, Excited Monkey, Fat Beaver, Little Hooters, Fat Weiner, Little Monkey, Nice Rack, Red Pecker, Stretched Puss, Small Cock, Wet Puss. The images are all innocent pictures of animals, check them out in our picture gallery! No animals were hurt in the making of the Go Hunt card game.

Game play: With four or less players; seven cards are dealt to each player. Five cards can be dealt to each player in larger groups. The remaining cards are placed face down in a draw pile. The player left of the dealer goes first. On your turn, ask any player for a specific card. For example: "Michele do you have little hooters?" You must already hold one of the requested cards. If Michele has any little hooter cards she must give them all to you. If the person you ask does not have the card you requested, they would say "Go Hunt!" You would then draw a card from the draw pile. When the draw pile runs out, keep playing until all the cards have been made into matching sets. When you collect a set of matching cards, immediately show the other players and place the cards face down in front of you.

Is is fair to lump all pair matching games together? Yes it has the same type of play as go fish, but the card images really make the game stand out. Playing basketball, and playing a game of HORSE is differant, for example in the game Go Hunt there is a card with an image of a fat beaver eating an apple, the card is called "FAT BEAVER", now imagine this card and 15 others in play, would you ask your grandma if she had a "FAT BEAVER", "WET PUSS" or even a "LARGE COCK".

In conclusion if you have an inoccent soul and a naughty mind you"ll have a blast playing the Go Hunt card game with your friends!

There are also variants of the Go Hunt game that are drinking games, so if your over 21 give them a try!

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