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Goa: A New Expedition
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English second edition
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ZMG 70950
Medium Rectangle (e.g. Agricola)
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Aug 6, 2012
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ObjectID: 149989
Description Edit | History

Contains many rule tweaks/component changes:


  • First player starts with $5
  • If you choose to buy your own auction item, pay $1 less than the previous high bidder
  • Of the four unused tiles in each era, no more than two may be plantations
  • A new "Bonanza" game variant.

NEW TILES (added to the mix, so now 4 tiles per era are left out):

  • A: Crop rotation (a 1-spice wild plantation, which is NOT worth a point)
  • A: Foreman (purple tile: at game end, all your 1-point 1-spice plantations are worth 3 points instead)
  • B: Expedition (red tile: draw an expedition card each round)
  • B: Favor (light blue tile: when you win this tile, exchange it for one of the tiles that was not used in either A or B)

COMPONENTS (non-card):

  • Money tile now gives $3/turn instead of $4
  • Duty now gives 5 VP instead of 4
  • Colonist track adds 0/2/4/5/6 colonists
  • Ship track gives 1/2/3/5/6 ships
  • Money and harvest track spice requirements swapped
  • Eight new tiles for the "Bonanza" variant/expansion (in addition to those listed above)


  • Three '1' colonist cards are changed to '2' colonist
  • A new symbol, the elephant, has been added. There are now 5 each of 6 symbols, instead of 6 each of 5 symbols.
  • "Sell spice" card can sell a maximum of four spices
  • "Advance with money" card is not an action
  • "Flip an extra colonize card" card can be played after you see what your two colony cards are

COMPONENTS (cosmetic):

  • New tiles and chits to track the current round (A1-A4/B1-B4) and current action (1/2/3/extra actions)
  • Stickers to put on the spice baggies, so that colorblind players can tell the difference between red nutmeg and green pepper
  • Colony tiles now have the name of the colony, instead of "Colony"

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