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The swedish version of the game is played with a standard 52 card deck and always with four players, although three players can play the game with the use of what is referred to as a ‘träkarl’. It is played in teams of two and players rotate between rounds so that the teams vary.

The game is a 13 card trick-taking game. After the cards have been dealt a bidding process takes place starting with the person sitting to the left of the dealer. The bids are ranked and each player must always outbid the previous player or pass, accepting the previous players bid. The possible bids in order from the lowest to the highest are: ‘clubs’, ‘spades’, ‘diamonds’, ‘hearts’, ‘nolle’ (zero) and ‘spel’ (play). The first two are simply informational bids to the players team companion stating the strength of the players hand. The red suit bids are trump bids, a contract to take as many tricks as possible with the given suit as trump. The zero bid is a contract to take no tricks at all and the play bid is a contract to take as many tricks as possible without using a trump color. If all players pass a non-bid zero game is played.

Points are awarded as follows: for zero-games, ten points are awarded to the team with the fewest trick for each trick below seven. Otherwise ten points are awarded to the team with the most tricks and for each trick above six. If the loosing team where the ones who won the bidding, the winning team also receives the same amount of points again as penalty points.
In addition, points are awarded for honorary cards. There are four honorary cards connected to each contract. For zero-games the honorary cards are the four twos. For trump games the honorary cards are Jack, Queen, King and Ace in the trump colour, and for play games the four aces are the honorary cards. If the teams have two honorary cards each no points are awarded. If one team has three cards, twenty points are awarded. If one team has all four cards, that team is awarded forty points, and if all the cards was dealt to the same player at the start of the game, the team receivs fifty points. If a team after scoring has thirty points or more (not counting penalty nor honorary points), that team make ‘first exit’ and receive ten bonus points. If that team later gets more than forty additional points they make ‘second exit’ and receive twenty bonus points. As soon as a team make ‘second exit’, players rotate, individual points are awarded and a new round starts.

Individual scores are calculated as follows: The points for each team are added and the team with the highest score is the winner. This might not be the team who made second exit since the other team can have more honorary points and such. The loosing teams score is subtracted from the winning teams score and the result is divided by ten. The result from this calculation is then added to each player. The two players on the winning team gets it added to their individual score and the two players on the loosing team gets it subtracted from their individual score. Adding all individual scores together should always sum up to zero.

The game continues for six rounds (allowing everyone to team up with all other players twice) or for as long as the players like. The player with the highest individual score when the game is over, is the winner.

An additional bid that outbids all others is the bid ‘misère’. The bid is usually called by a player who has a really bad hand. The player must not take any tricks for the entire hand and as soon as he takes one trick he has lost the misère. The three remaining players must work together to try and make the solo player loose. Teams are temporarily abandoned. The hand starts with the bidder laying down one of his cards and the other three remaining players play one card. After that the hand continues as normal. If the bidding player manages to play the entire hand without taking any tricks he is awarded fifteen individual points while his opponents get minus five each. If he looses the hand he is deducted fifteen points and his opponents are instead awarded five each.

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