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Care Bear Checkers
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Cardinal English edition
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14.50 x 14.50 x 2.50 inches
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ObjectID: 158075
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The checker pieces are actually mini figurine Care Bears! There are 6 different Care Bears and each player gets two of each making 12 pieces apiece. they playing sides are distinguished by the care bear base, being either blue or white in color.


24 Care Bear pieces: 4 Tenderheart Bears (brown with red heart on his belly), 4 Wish Bears (sea green with yellow rainbow and stars on her belly), 4 Share Bears (purple with two pink and blue heart lollipops on her belly), 4 Bedtime Bears (light blue with blue half moon with a yellow star on hi belly), 4 Funshine Bears (Yellow with a bright yellow smiling sun on his belly), and 4 Cheer Bears (pink with a rainbow on her belly).

12 crown pieces.
1 playing board

Set up: Each player takes two of each color (base must be the same color for each player) and places them on the dark blue spaces in the first three rows on the playing board or purple space. As long as both sides are on the same color spaces.

How to Play: Players must move the bear diagonal. A bear can move only one square at a time and only to a square diagonally in front of it, moving toward the opponent’s side of the board. If your opponent's bear is in the space in front of your bear, you can jump over that space into the one behind your opponent’s piece. Then you remove your opponent’s bear off the board. This can be repeated many time in a row if able. If your bear gets to the last row on your opponent’s side, your bear gets crowned and you can then move that piece forward and backward remembering the restriction to only move diagonally.

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