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Munchkin Fairy Dust Handbag Of Holding
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English second edition (rules 1.01)
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Feb 1, 2012
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In February 2012, the publisher re-released the Handbag of Holding with a slightly revised set of rules. The new Handbag was initially included free with orders of $75 or more from the publisher's online store, Warehouse 23. After this promotion was over, Warehouse 23 sold the remaining Handbags of Holding as regular items for $5 apiece, thus ending the Handbag's term as a highly-collectible item.

The special rule was updated to version 1.01 and reads as follows:

You may use the Handbag of Holding during any game of Munchkin that includes the Munchkin Fairy Dust expansion. Place this insert on the table in front of you and have the Handbag nearby or on your person.

Once per game, you may retrieve a card from the Fairy Dust deck's discard pile and place it in your hand or in play, if it is otherwise legal for you to do so. You may do this at any time, including during combat. Put this rule insert into the Handbag once you have used its power.

The Handbag of Holding is not an Item and may not be stolen, sold, or Cursed away. It requires no Hands to use.

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