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from the Goodman Games website

"Dodge ball took hold of the world in the ten-year period
from 1969 to 1979. It was the world's most popular sport,
ahead of both baseball and soccer. The players, the
teams, and the game became the most talked-about
sport in history.
This success was led by the International Federation of
Dodge Ball. Founded in 1969, the IFDB turned a schoolyard
game into a worldwide phenomenon. What drove
the success? The fast-paced action of the sport itself
certainly helped. But the real reason was global politics.
The rivalry between the Soviet Union National Team and
Team USA became legendary, especially since both teams
were made up of children between the ages of 12 to 16.
Watching young children pummel themselves into a coma
in the name of their motherland made great television, and
the public could not get enough.
Sadly, the sport could not maintain its popularity. By 1981,
the IFDB closed its doors for good. Despite the burgeoning
Cold War, a group of Nervous Nellies back home got
worried about the safety of the child competitors. It wasn't
enough that the IFDB made knee and elbow pads
mandatory for the 1978 season; these overactive mother
hens wanted helmets as well. When their demands were
not met by the Federation, the parents formed C.R.A.P.I.
(Citizens Rallying Against Potential Injury) and agitated
against the sport. Faced with numerous legal challenges
and public outrage, the sport dwindled and eventually
But in back alleys and third-world arenas, dodge ball still
thrives. The former leaders of the IFDB went underground,
organizing secret dodge clubs in major cities throughout
the world. Gone are the elbow and knee pads – and there
certainly aren't any helmets! The black-market dodge clubs
are where the real fans gather for a serious, bloodthirsty
sport. These ballers pull no punches and never beg for
mercy; it's a tooth-and-claw game as they spar the way the
sport was meant to be played. In warehouse districts and
seedy bars across the country, you can find these secret
dodge clubs still running today. Walk in and smell the
sweat… see the bloodstains… and prepare yourself for
afros, wide lapels, and bell bottoms. On the underground,
nothing's changed since 1981.
It's that time of the year again: the best teams have made
the playoffs, and the World Championship is about to start.
The top players have come from around the world:
Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Lima, Sao Paulo, Amsterdam,
Tokyo, and Phuket all have ballers in town. Though gone to
the public, dodge ball is certainly not forgotten. It's time for
World Championship Dodge Ball! Screw fame and fortune
– you're here for BLOOD! Put on your shorts, inflate the
balls, and remember: HELMETS ARE FOR WIMPS"

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