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HABA first multilingual edition
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4.37 x 5.47 x 1.18 inches
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ObjectID: 175678
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A children's game about counting and additions.

Basic idea: The hamsters are on a frantic shopping spree - they'll buy whatever they find. The only thing that counts is that they can collect as many nuts as possible because they get a certain number of nuts per purchase. This isn't as easy as it sounds, though, as they have to calculate the exact total for their purchase, and if they make a mistake, another hamster will be happy.

Aim of the game and how it is played: The aim of the game is to collect item cards with as many nuts printed on them as possible. Each item card also has a price printed on it. There is always one item card fewer at the center of the table than there are players. The players have to use some of their bank notes to exactly reach the price of one of the items in the middle of the table (e.g. if there is an item that costs 837 and another that costs 1200, they can choose the 800 and the 37 banknote, or the 800 and 400). Some items are worth more nuts than others. All players do the calculating simultaneously. If a player thinks they have put together a correct set of banknotes, they put the banknotes face down in front of him/herself and puts his/her hamster on the item card to reserve it. Once all the items have been reserved, the hamsters proceed to the checkout: all players check if the cards are correct (i.e. make up the exact price of the item). If they are, the player earns that item. If they aren't, this hamster doesn't get any card this round. The player who hasn't managed to reserve an item (there is always one item fewer than there are players) gets lucky if another player has miscalculated: he/she gets the item that player has reserved.

The game ends when there are no item cards left. The player with the most nuts wins the game.

There is also an "expert" variant of the game, which includes a memory element.

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