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Primal Rage: Rage On Urth!
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To Play

1. Each Player (up to 4) sits their chosen Dino Beast around the Battle Arena. Each players gets all the pieces that match their Dino Beast: a matching Battle Ball, 10 Matching Primal Follower Figures, and 4 matching Special Feature Tokens. Each Dino Beast also has a matching Battle Background, except for Blizzard, whose background is pre-printed on the box bottom scenery.

2. Two players wage each Battle. Choose player 1. Player 1 battles the player on their left (Player 2).
a. Player 1 inserts their Battle Background on the arena floor between the acceleration ramps (Blizzard's is already printed).
b. Both players place one Special Feature Token face down on the battle field.
Don't reveal it!
c. Wager your Followers! Both players place between 1 and 4 Primal Follower Figures on the arena floor. Each follower stands on the spots around the center of the arena.

Commence the Battle

Each player holds the Battle Ball at the top of an acceleration ramp. At the same time, let'em roll down the ramp into the arena. Read the score facing to your Battle Ball. The player with the higher score wins all the knocked-down Primal Follower Figures including their own! Feed them one by one to the winning Dino Beast for that round. Both players take back the Primal Follower Figures left standing after each round. In case of a tie score, set up the Followers and Battle again.

You do not get your Special Feature Token back. Once the Special Feature Token is played, is is out of the game.

Player 2 now battles the player to their left. Keep shifting battles around the arena until all players have battled 4 times (2 complete rounds). The player who has eaten the most Primal Followers wins the game!


You are one of the Primal Rage Dino Beasts! Use your battle ball to wage war with the other Dino Beasts. Win the Battle and "eat" the Primal Followers! Eat the most Primal Followers and win the game!

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