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Board Game: Enigmako
Board Game
Wer ist wer?
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First edition
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601 1118
14.37 x 9.65 x 2.68 inches
2.30 pounds
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ObjectID: 192688
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Description Edit | History

6 player boards "Profilkarte"
1 plastic envelope with 6 personalities
44 cards:
22 red back: 2x10 with the different parts of the face, 2 with free choice on the next crime scene
22 blue back: 12 hints (mostly different from the ones in "Enigmako"), 10 crime scenes (8 with specific ones)
60 parts of the face (each part has 2 characteristics; there are 3 of each tile)
6 pawns with different color and different personality:
private detective hidden by newspaper (red²; picture on the back: yellow)
female agent (grey; picture on the back: red)
undercover agent in coat (blue; picture on the back: green)
secret agent (yellow; picture on the back: green)
commissar with pipe (green; picture on the back: blue)
officer (black ; picture on the back: black)
2 black wooden dice (picture on the back: white)
rules (quite unspecific)
² no evidence if all copies have the same color attribution