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Rum Run
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Game Crafter Deluxe Edition
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2.00 pounds
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Dec 8, 2012
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Rum Run is a stand-alone deluxe edition of the award-winning game,
The Rum Run. That's right, the deluxe edition has a shorter name.

Rum Run is a simple game at its heart:
1) Build roads ala 'dominoes' from the Town Center to Distilleries
2) Collect barrels
3) Transport said barrels ala 'mancala' back to the Town Center

It would all be so easy... if you were the only one in the game. Players break each others' roads, make alliances, block routes, and steal barrels all in the name of being the most unsobering savior the town has ever seen!

This edition features significant updates from the original edition, including:

  • Brand new artwork
  • 20-page full-color comprehensive rule booklet
  • Quick-Start Guide and Turn-Summary Flowchart
  • Quality 18"x18" foldable game board
  • Distilleries and Obstacles on movable cards
  • Fog tokens hiding unknown elements
  • Event Cards for added chance
  • Objective Cards provide multiple paths to victory
  • 7 New Asterisk'd road tokens per player perform similarly to blank tiles in Scrabble, allowing players to bridge broken roads, make u-turns, and save their stronger tokens

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