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Board Game: Letters from Whitechapel
Board Game
Letters from Whitechapel
Version Nickname
English second edition
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VA88 1562FEB13
Medium Square (e.g. Ticket to Ride)
3.43 pounds
Release Date
Jul 5, 2013
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ObjectID: 194849
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Description Edit | History

"In this revised edition of Letters from Whitechapel, many components have been improved from the previous edition based on the comments and reviews of players from all over the world.

"Jack the Ripper screen: Its usability is improved. The map is bigger, and the chart of the Special Movement tokens is now shown on it, so players don't have to look at the rulebook during the game. The new physical design allows the screen to stand up by itself and better protect the secret information of Jack form the other players.

"Wooden tokens: Through repeated use of the Women, Patrol and Time of the Crime tokens, these components can become marked. Now they are made of wood to make it harder for them to become damaged and marked.

"Markers: Some of the plastic discs now are different colors to help them stand out more on the game board. The Clue markers are now yellow and the False Clue markers are blue.

"Letters: The Letter's effects are now described in detail on the Letters, so players don't have to refer to the rulebook during the game to use them.

"Rulebook: The rules of the game are unchanged, but the official errata have been integrated into the rulebook."