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Board Game: Mini Dungeon Adventures
Board Game
Mini Dungeon Adventures
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Fourth edition
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Description Edit | History

Stats for the four different hero races have been re-balanced. Humes gained a speed. Elves gained a health. Orcs gained a speed. Dorfs lost a toughness but gained a speed.
Fighters are now able to wield 2 handed weapons with 1 hand.
Extra items have been added to the shop. Handicaps on some items have been removed. Footwear is now available.
The hero character cards are now flat and have a space for footwear tokens. I liked the 3d cards, but they don’t really add anything to the game to make up for the extra storage space required for them. Now that they’re flat, you can just stack them up with the other cards and sheets when the game is done.
There has also been other random tinkering done throughout the game. Hopefully after a week I’ll be able to tell if the new revisions make things better or worse. When the final rulebook is ready, the models will be separate pdf files. I’m hoping to have a simple web page put up to host everything.