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The Emerald City (fan expansion to Ticket to Ride)
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Second Edition
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Feb 1, 2013
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The Second Edition is the final release which updates and replaces the First Edition, which was a "Beta Release" for play-testing.
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It's 1962, and the Steam Era is over. The monorail is the future, and that future is starting in Seattle, Washington. There’s a reward to find the best routes in the city to build the template for tomorrow. Will you go it alone or team up for a chance at victory? The choice is yours...

Ticket to Ride®: The Emerald City is a fan-made expansion to the Days of Wonder, Inc. Ticket to Ride® series created by Alan R. Moon. A tribute both to Ticket to Ride® and the Pacific Northwest, this expansion introduces new rules and is designed for players who are already well familiar with Ticket to Ride®’s standard gameplay and mechanics.

The First Edition release of The Emerald City was primarily designed for the geography of Seattle rather than for gameplay; naturally this introduced major challenges into the gameplay experience. To combat this, the Second Edition introduces a new mechanic that simplifies and unifies many of the challenges that were part of the original map, as well all-around tightening and tweaking of the map itself.

A few specific issues in the First Edition - isolated gimmicks like the downtown tunnel and the incredibly complex Toll Route - and an overabundance of "8ers" were solved by combining them all into one new mechanic - the Emerald Route, claimed with a limited supply of Emerald cards. The limitations of the Emerald cards when played individually actually dynamically change the map itself, solving these problems and simultaneously providing a new opportunity for the map to be played either in teams or individually, adding to the game's strategic value.

With this new concept, major tweaks and revisions were made to the map itself to account for the new dynamics of team-versus-solo play. Routes were lengthened, changed, tweaked, or removed altogether. And to maintain balance, the standard green routes were removed altogether, their number being replaced by the Emerald Routes.

The Monorail, introduced in Seattle at the 1962 World's Fair, provided the perfect gameplay fiction to provide grounding for the new Emerald Route mechanic, and it soon became the icon for the game itself. With more final testing, and countless tweaks and refinements, The Emerald City, Second Edition - the first official release of the game - finally became a reality.

Published by permission for non-commercial use. All rights to the Ticket to Ride® name, gameplay, mechanics, and imagery are reserved by Days of Wonder, Inc., who have not endorsed or playtested this expansion.

Source: box art/creator

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