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The Five Wise Birds
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Parker Brothers edition 1954
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17.50 x 8.00 x 1.50 inches
1.00 pounds
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From inside the box lid:

The idea of the game is, by knocking the Birds over by firing the Toy Gun, to obtain as high a count as possible.

These Birds are not real Birds but only imaginary ones from the famous Bird Island of Woozoo. Their values in count are 5-10-15-20 and 25, as will show upon the printed block when the Birds are knocked off the rail.

Place the frame upon a table or the floor. Players stand or sit about five feet away.

Each player has six shots as a turn, all having an equal number of turns.

The count is determined by the numbered Blocks which show above the fence rail as each Bird is knocked over.

The player first scoring a combined count of 250 points WINS THE GAME, or the game may be prolonged or shortened at the discretion of the players.

No bird knocked over can be set again upon the rail until the player has concluded his turn. They are then tipped forward upon the rail and the turn passes to the next player and the game continues as before.

In case any player should run out his score of 250 points before the other players have had an equal number of turns, the play continues until ALL have had their equal turn and in case of more than one player scoring over 250 points, the one having the Highest Total score WINS THE GAME.

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