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Board Game: Railways of the World
Board Game
Railroad Tycoon: The Boardgame
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Multilingual edition
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15.50 x 12.50 x 3.50 inches
8.16 pounds
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Description Edit | History

Text on board and stocks in Italian, Spanish, or French. Cards in English.

Note: What do you mean "International Edition is randomly one of the three languages." Are there three editions, each in these languages, or are all of the languages represented in one box?

Hi Scott. It's none of the above, it's kinda like Forrest Gump (you never know what you're going to get). :)

Maybe random isn't the right word for it, but basically what happened was the company had all these foreign language components left over, French, Spanish and Italian boards, stock certificates, train cards, etc.

They used these to make and sell more English copies than they could have otherwise, and called it an International Edition. That is, you were guaranteed to get the important stuff in English, the rules, the cards, the box, etc, but the other unimportant stuff could have been any language.

For example, when I opened the box I ordered, I got a French board, French train cards, and French stock certificates. Somebody else ordering from the same company the same day could have found an Italian board in theirs. It all just depended on what parts had been packaged into your particular box when they created it.

I believe it's possible to have a mixture, in that you could receive a French board, Spanish stock certificates, etc. Not 100% sure on that one.

The important thing is that an International Edition is aimed at English players, but has some foreign parts in it, but no consistency from box to box.

More detail is here: So you're wondering whether to get the International Edition: A Definitive Guide With Pictures[/thread]