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History of the World
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Gibsons edition
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11.75 x 14.50 x 2.20 inches
3.50 pounds
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ObjectID: 20757
Description Edit | History

Description from the back of the box [first two and final two paragraphs]

"History of the World is the boldest board game concept yet attempted, capturing in a few hours play the entire sweep of the human race across 5000 years of history and the entire face of the globe.

Throughout the game the nations and Empires of history will emerge onto the world stage for their period of glory, only to be submerged by the next wave of land hungry power seeking peoples.

History of the World is a game which has brought together a simple but original game system, detailed historical research and a vision of what the ultimate game should achieve.

The result is a challenge which puts you, the player, into the robes of imperial purple and asks you to prove yourself against history and the men who forged it. Will you accept that Challenge?"


  1. Gameboard depicting the geo-political map of the world
  2. Set of 49 Empire Cards
  3. Set of 63 Event Cards
  4. 5 sets of counters, each set containing: 85 army counters, spread over four types; 10 fleet counters; 10 fort counters.
  5. 25 Capital counters
  6. 25 City counters
  7. 30 Monument counters
  8. 6 Player Mats
  9. 5 Dice
  10. Comprehensive rules, including introductory game and historical overview.