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Board Game: Caméléon
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This is a very simple and funny game for attention and memory.

What should we do?

Every player has a card with an image, a figure and a color. For instance, a mouse, red and two. You need to collect the cards with the same elements, namely, one card with a mouse, one card with red background and one card with number two (it doesn’t matter what else there will be on the card).

Who is the winner?

As soon as you collect three cars with all elements you need you win in this round. The game continues up to 3 victories.

How shall I collect cards?

The cards are opened one by one: as soon as you see the one you need, you cover it with your arm and say distinctly what is drawn on it. It is essential not just to remember what exactly you need to find, but also to keep in mind the card for the moment before you cover it.

Whom is this game destined to?

— For crazy and funny parties
— To play in guests or at home
— With your family: “Chameleon” develops well memory and attention
— In trip
— Just a small gist for a child or a friend