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Board Game: Last Word
Board Game
Last Word
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English second edition 2012
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10.00 x 8.00 x 2.50 inches
1.70 pounds
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Last Word is the uproarious race to have the final say!

Each round, blurt out answers while racing a timer and the other players. For example, Subject: “Animals”, Letter: “L”. Players yell out… Lion! Lemur! Leech! Leopard! The player with the Last Word before the timer sounds advances toward Finish. Beware – the timer is cleverly programmed to go off at random intervals.

This second edition features refreshed content and introduces a new play pattern called the Hot Potato card. When a Letter Card marked Hot Potato is turned over, the round proceeds like normal with all players trying to play a Subject Card. Once the Subject Card is played and the random-interval timer is pressed, Hot Potato begins and the players take turns in a clockwise order saying a valid word that fits the current letter and subject. When the timer buzzes, whosever turn it is loses the round and moves their pawn backward one space on the board, towards Start.

Contents include Game Boards, 230 Subject and 56 Letter cards, 8 Pawns, an Electronic Random Timer (two AAA batteries not included) and Rules. Last Word is for 2-8 players.