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Legacy: Gears of Time
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English second edition
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13.90 x 9.30 x 2.50 inches
2.50 pounds
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Aug 2013
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From the back of the box:

In the world of Legacy, the course of history is maintained by the operators of the Ancient Machine. As Antiquitects, the operators are bound to the present while they travel back through time to ensure the technological advancements of the world remain intact.

Excellent planning and adaptability are key to victory while you travel back in time to Build Your Legacy!

Legacy is a game of time travel and technology. Players will travel along the timeline into the past, stopping to build up elaborate chains of technologies and vie for influence over existing ones. At the end of each round, players return to the present day to claim their rewards of Legacy Points and Influence Cubes; the player with the highest Legacy point total at the end of the game is the winner!

Legacy: Gears of Time is a strategic card game of time travel and technology for 2 to 4 players.


  • 66 Technology Cards
  • 6 Fate Cards
  • 108 Influence Cubes
  • 2 Turn/Round Gears
  • 4 Player Markers
  • 4 Character Cards
  • 1 Timeline Game Board
  • 1 Present Day Marker
  • 6 Timeframe Capacity Markers
  • 8 Legacy 50-Point Tokens
  • 8 Failed Technology Markers
  • 1 Rule Book


The product code near the UPC for the second printing is LGT02, as opposed to LGT01 for the first printing.

Technology Cards:

  • (Functional Change) Reward value of Hospital increased to 5

Fate Cards:

  • (Functional Change) Not What We Hoped For *Now requires the player to also have influence of their own
  • (Functional Change) Time Folds Around Us *Now can only move a player forward in time
  • (Wording Change) We Need More Time *Identical functionality, restrictions are now more clear based on FAQ
  • (Wording Change) Willed Into Existence *Identical functionality

Technology Card Template:

  • (New) Dependency and Dependent icons now included on each Technology
  • (Change) Cost (Gear) icon slightly smaller

Character Cards:

  • (New) Influence Pool reference and reminder included
  • (Change) Clearer explanation of possible actions and structure of a turn
  • (Change) Character story moved to the information side
  • (Change) Characters are no longer tied to specific colors
  • (Change) Technology Icons included for Pursuit Technologies


  • (New) All illustrations are now by Steve Maggart. Updated Illustrations include:
    • Space Flight
    • Railroads
    • Combustion Engine
    • Analytical Engine
    • The Internet
    • Philosophy
    • Mining
    • Perfectly Laid Plans
    • Not What We Hoped For
    • Bloodline Influence

Rule Book: PDF Can be Found Legacy: Gears of Time - Rule Book (Second Printing - LGT02)here[/filepage]

  • (New) Version 2.0 complete rewrite of the rules. Highlights:
    • 8 Pages long
    • Visual setup example
    • Visual actions examples
    • Fate card gameplay variants
    • Fate Card FAQ
    • Visual Tech-Tree on the back


  • (New) "Action Packed" redesign of the box back.
  • (Change) Space Flight Illustration replaced on the box front and RF side
  • (Change) Gameplay time changed to "60-120 minutes"
  • (Change) Box top only has the Legacy logo


  • (New) 8 Failed Technology Markers included in the punchboard
  • (Change) Present Day Marker is now taller, reaching the top of the capacity track


  • (Change) Draw and discard pile positions switched
  • (Change) Discard pile oriented horizontally
  • (Change) Present Day starting positions indicated as dots, not Roman Numerals
  • (Change) "5's" column on the scoring track slightly darkened.

Wooden Bits:

  • (Change) Cube quantities increased to 27 per color
  • (Change) The player markers have a slightly different shape to them, with a smoother transition from body to head
  • (Change) The yellow color is slightly different (although the same PMS color was requested)


  • (New) Better material to help mitigate warping of the insert
  • (Change) Valley size increased to accommodate the Forbidden Machines expansion box. Character cards now lay flat.
  • (Change) Graphic is slightly darker

Known Errors:

  • Printed rulebook makes reference to "When Established abilities". While this isn't technically wrong, there are none in the base game so it might be confusing.
  • "0-" on the "0-3" icon is missing on the box back
  • Space Flight card on the box back incorrectly credited to Shamas Demoret, not Steve Maggart (this is correct on the card itself)

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