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Supremacy: Main Battle Tanks
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First edition
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SUP 111
9.38 x 6.88 x 1.38 inches
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From the back of the box.

"About the Main Battle Tanks
These heavy metal, modern-day knights are just what the army needs - more firepower. They excel on a fast-paced and fluid battlefield. Send your main tanks to boost morale and to help your armies punch through your enemies' front lines.

Tanks are tough and can blitz their way into the heart of your enemies' defenses. Their speed, might and firepower can shift the battle from a doubtful outcome, to a decisive victory. They'll deliver and take a lot of punishment on the battlefield. If properly used at the tactical level, they'll give your armies incredible firepower support, destroy your foes and give you the spoils of war.

When you deploy tanks, your opponents will become very uneasy and wary. They'll be watching your every move you make and doubting every word you say. A battalion of main battle tanks poses a major threat to the military security of your neighbors. Be prepare to use them.

Carry out your diplomatic moves under the shadow of these mechanized warriors. Station tanks in your vital territories when you want to tell opponents to stay out and where to go. The looming threat will force friend and foe alike to submit to your will.

Playing Equipment
Main Battle Tanks are color-matched to each superpower. There are 40 miniature tanks, five per superpower. Tanks have been included for use with the Middle Powers expansion set. Each tank is 1 1/2 inches long (38 mm)."

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