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Rai-Net Access Battlers edition
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6.69 x 5.51 x 1.97 inches
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Dec 28, 2011
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Rai-Net is a Japanese board game based off the German game Phantoms vs Phantoms. It originated in an anime called Steins;Gate and has since been manufactured by GigasDrop for fans to enjoy. There are a few more rules than in Ghosts! (like using cards with specific actions), and the board size is larger.


Rulebook (Japanese)
Circuit mat (8x8)
Online cards:

  • Link card x8
  • Virus card x8

Terminal cards

  • Line Boost x2
  • Virus Checker x2
  • Firewall x2
  • 404 Not Found x2


The board is an 8x8 square board. The two middle spaces on each player's side are the Server Port spaces. Off the play area on each side are the players' Stack areas; these consists of spaces for captured Links and Viruses.

Each player receives 4 Link cards, 4 Virus cards, and one of each Terminal card. Each player sets down their Online cards face-down at the edge of their side of the board. Two starting pieces are placed in front of the Server Ports, as players may not put or move their Online cards in their own Server Ports. The players choose who goes first.

Players alternate moving one of their Online cards forward, backwards, left, or right one space. Online cards can capture opponent's cards directly; captured cards are revealed and go to the capturing player's corresponding Stack area (Links or Viruses). Any cards that make it to the opponent's Server Ports are also stored in the Stack area of the player who moved there, but they remain face-down if they are not previously revealed by a Virus Checker card. These face-down cards may be placed in either the Links or Viruses Stack area to possibly trick the opponent.

There are two ways to win:

  • A player gets four total Link cards in their Stack area.
  • The opposing player gets four total Virus cards in their Stack area.

Instead of moving a card, a player may also play one of their Terminal cards (this takes up their turn).

  • The Line Boost card attaches to one of the player's own Online cards to allow it to move two spaces at once (even in an L shape), but it may not jump over pieces. It takes one turn to either attach or detach this card. Whenever a Line Boosted card is removed from the board, the Line Boost returns to the owner.
  • The Firewall card may be placed in any unoccupied space. Online cards cannot pass through a Firewall. A player may also use their turn to remove their own Firewall so they can reuse it later.
  • The Virus Checker card allows the player to permanently flip over an opponent's Online card on the board. Each Virus Checker card may only be used once per game.
  • The 404 Not Found card allows a player to take two of their own Online cards on the board, shuffle them, and return them face down in the positions they were in. This can reset a Virus Checked card face-down. This may also switch the Line Boost to the other card. Each 404 Not Found card may only be used once per game.
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