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Board Game: Jump Gate
Board Game
Jump Gate
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English third edition
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5.50 x 3.50 x 1.00 inches
0.50 pounds
Release Date
Jul 16, 2013
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Description Edit | History

Third Edition, published via POD site TheGameCrafter.com, is in a smaller box. From the front of the rule booklet:

"The Jump Gate has just been invented, and it allows a ship to jump into orbit around a distant planet in an instant.This puts deep space on the map for those willing to make the trip.

As a spaceship captain, you’ve assembled your crew, prepared your ship, and are ready to venture forth. It’s time to gaze upon worlds that no other person has ever seen.

Easing back into your captain’s chair, you have the NavComp dial-in the proper jump coordinates, approach the Jump Gate, and start the journey ... "