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Board Game: Top Promoter
Board Game
Top Promoter
Version Nickname
English edition
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Year Released
Product Code
6.00 x 6.00 x 2.75 inches
2.00 pounds
Release Date
Oct 2014
Release Comment
Kickstarter live now. Planned release late 2013 or early 2014.
Release Status
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Pre-order Start Date
Aug 2, 2013
Pre-order End Date
Sep 3, 2013
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Description Edit | History

In Top Promoter you play the men and women bankrolling a series of boxing matches. Your objective: Promote the best boxers, fill the stands for great matches, and bring home the most money at the end of it all.

Each player has his own deck of 15 fighters and 5 action cards. Each round, players simultaneously play a fighter face-down, then reveal them at the same time. Most popular boxer goes first. These cards get played into locations in the center of the table.

Once a location has three fights, you will roll to determine who wins each boxing match. Each fighter has a number of dice he rolls that can be modified with action cards or by fighting in his home location. Top Promoter is a light game that inspires trash talking and cheering as the underdog takes down the favorite!