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Exodus: Proxima Centauri
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English second edition (revised edition)
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11.70 x 11.70 x 3.00 inches
5.50 pounds
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Nov 1, 2013
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Jan 15, 2015
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Feb 5, 2015
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Description Edit | History

Exodus: Proxima Centauri (revised edition) is the second printing of this game, with updated graphics by David J. Coffey. The publisher lists the following as being changed from the first edition of this game:

Banking, Mining and Trade Actions
The die/dice roll associated with performing each of these Action has been replaced with a fixed number, four (4). For example, when a player perform a Banking Action, he will simply gain 4 C.P. instead of rolling a die and gaining that much C.P. This change reduced the randomness associated with the economical aspect of the game.

Game variants
The official variants have been included in the printed rules and are now recommended for experienced players.

Political and Centaurian Resistance cards
Further play-testing and gamers’ feedback has led to a selection in the Political cards and Centaurian Resistance cards. We have incorporated the cards from the Generals mini-expansion in the core game and then selected the cards that enhanced the game play the most.

Graphic design, general look and feel of the game and ergonomics
The general graphical representation of game concepts has been upgraded by a professional graphic artist, emphasizing the theme of the game and its core concepts. The number of tokens has been reduced, increasing the functionality of the components and reducing the overall number. Tracking and housekeeping became easier.

Resource management
The resource counters have been replaced with resource tracks on the Player Boards on the player side and with Resource Counters represented by dice on the hex map. This change does not affect the core of the game, but reduces the fiddliness and reduces game time by about 5%.

Ship blueprints, damage and movement tracking
The ship blueprints are incorporated on the Player Boards. The movement tokens and ship damage will be placed on the ship blueprint instead of next to the ships on the hex map, reducing fiddliness and game time by about 2%.

Planets and deploying population
The graphical depiction of Planets has been upgraded and each Planet has a name, thus making the game play more thematic and housekeeping easier. The population deployment mechanism has been modified so that deployment is more difficult on planets surrounded my moons or other objects, rather than red and green planets.

Ship markers
We introduced Second Ship markers for each player to have a clear distinction between the two ships of the same kind. This facilitates tracking population on ships, damage and movement.

Victory Points
The half Victory Points have been removed from the game, making the math behind the gameplay easier.

All the examples in the first edition have been edited and they now bring further clarifications. We consider them a core part of the rules.

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