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Board Game: Dust Tactics: SSU Fortification – Heavy Tesla Bunker / Strongpoint
Board Game
Dust Tactics: SSU Fortification – Heavy Tesla Bunker / Strongpoint
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As the war grows ever deadlier, soldiers have come to rely on the safety that battlefield fortifications can provide. This box contains a modular plastic kit designed to create bunkers and strong-points that can be outfitted with either Single or Dual Heavy Tesla Guns.

As you can see from the pictures on the side, this kit is massive. It will occupy four Dust Tactics squares: an impressive battlefield feature! With the roof and the back doors on, it makes a Bunker. Remove those and you have a Strong-Point. Two weapon systems are offered in the kit: a single tesla gun and a dual tesla gun. You can choose which one you want to field as both have their unique unit card. The other one will make another cool terrain feature or will easily help you “dustify” another kit!
Four crewmen are also in the box, as well as a small weapon crate with their own guns. And of course, should you decide to field the Bunker or the Strong-Point without a support weapon, you have unit cards to also play these.