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Middle-Earth Play-By-Mail Fourth Age, circa 1000
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GSI first edition
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11.20 x 8.27 x 0.00 inches
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From publisher`s site:

"At the end of the Third Age of Middle-earth, Sauron was thrown down, his armies scattered, and the One Ring destroyed. But as light has no meaning without darkness to bound it, so with Sauron defeated, the forces of good also departed Middle-earth, Eldar and Istari making their final voyage from the Grey Havens. The age of elves is over. Now begins the true age of man.

Design and play your own nation using detailed nation creation options.
Player-designed nations mean that every game is unique.
Neutral nations can remain neutral and create their own alliance to create a three-way conflict.
Note: This module is not recommended unless you have played in a different module in the past. This is because the decisions you make when designing a nation have a large influence throughout the game, and if you make poor decisions through inexperience, this may cause you to have a disappointing game. "

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