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Werewolf: The Wild West – Poker Deck
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White Wolf edition 1997
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5.91 x 4.92 x 0.98 inches
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From the Back of the Box:

You play Poker Stranger?

The Old West, America's frontier of years past, where fortunes were made and lost in a single hand of cards. Now you can deal yourself a hand of savage justice with these deluxe, oversized poker cards.


User Summary:

A set of oversized poker cards (4 5/8" by 3 1/8") branded for the Werewolf: The Wild West role-playing game. These are intended to be used as a prop during game sessions, with the large card sizes being suitable for werewolves to hold.

The deck consists of the standard 52 cards and two jokers, with face cards decorated with characters from the RPG, and aces decorated with thematic imagery. An additional set of five double-sided cards include poker rules and terminology; the variants detailed are Straight Poker, Tombstone, Texas Hold 'Em, Omaha, Silver Bullets, Zed, and Alpha. One final additional card (with a back that matches the deck) advertises the role-playing game itself.

There is no RPG content in this item. The box contains full rules for seven poker variants: Straight Poker, Texas Hold 'Em, Omaha, and Zed are established variants. Tombstone, Silver Bullets, and Alpha all appear to be designed for this deck.

Tombstone: 3-9 players. Initial Deal: Five cards face-down to each player. Five cards face-down on the table. Play: One of the cards on the table is flipped up, followed by a round of betting (players look at their own hands). Repeat until all five cards on the table have been flipped. A showdown follows the last round of betting, with each player making the best hand possible using his own cards and the five on the table. Winner: High hand. Variation: Whoever has the highest card in his hand of the same suit as a specified table card (usually the third or fifth that's turned over) gets half the pot. If you use the third card, expect someone with a potentially good hand to raise the stakes over the last three rounds of betting.

Silver Bullets: 3-20 players. Initial Deal: Three cards face-down to each player. Five cards down on the table. Play: A round of betting is held after the deal, and then one of the table cards is turned up. It is wild, along with all cards of the same rank. Another round of betting follows. Repeat until all four table cards are up. When a table card is flipped and it is the lowest-showing card, it (and all cards of the same rank) become wild, replacing any previous wild card. Winner: High hand.

Alpha: 4-10 players (the more the merrier). Initial Deal: Two cards face-down to each player. Play: Everyone secretly puts a chip in their hand if they are staying in, otherwise they leave their hand empty. Players hold their closed hands in front of them and open them simultaneously. Players who hold chips (and thus stay in) reveal their cards. The winner takes the pot and each loser has to match what the pot was (if it was $10, each player throws in $10 to make a new, larger pot). New hands are then dealt to all players, not just those who stayed in the previous round. The game continues until only one player stays in, and the pot is therefore empty. Winner: High hand. No straights or flushes are allowed.

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