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克蘇魯的呼喚:黑道之眾 擴充版
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Chinese first edition
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8.00 x 8.00 x 1.50 inches
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Jan 2014
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[English] This is the official Chinese version.

English description is from FFG.
“There are black zones of shadow close to our daily paths, and now and then some evil soul breaks a passage through. When that happens, the man who knows must strike before reckoning the consequences.”
–H.P. Lovecraft, The Thing on the Doorstep

Denizens of the Underworld is the sixth deluxe expansion for Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game. Rogues and racketeers run amok through the streets of Arkham, controlled by the criminal kingpin himself, Danny O’Bannion. Business is good at The Clover Club, even though the house always wins, and the criminal underworld pursues a host of new tactics to make sure no one ever muscles in on its turf.

Denizens of the Underworld introduces 165 new cards to Call of Cthulhu (three copies each of fifty-five individual cards), roughly two-thirds of which provide members of the Syndicate a host of new names for their rosters, as well as deadly tools, and clever tricks. Additionally, the expansion introduces a new Ancient One and new characters and Tactic events for all of the game’s other factions.

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“ 總有陰影的暗黑區靠近在我們的日常路徑,如今再有一些邪惡的靈魂從中穿梭過來。當這發生時,那個知情的男人必定會在衡量後果之前作出出擊。”
-H.P. 洛夫克拉夫特
盜賊和敲詐勒索之徒橫行於阿卡姆的橫街小巷,他們都是由犯事頭子- 丹尼.奧巴尼恩- 所控制。正當別人設法從潛伏的恐懼之中拯救世界,那些黑幫中人卻為著私利企圖利用當中驚世的力量。到底這個黑道帝國為了人類的未來會有甚麼打算,而更重要的這又要付上何等代價?

件。額外的卡牌也為每個派系提供新的戰術以加強他們的套牌庫。本擴充版共為玩家增加165張卡牌。(55款全新不同卡牌,每款各有3 張。)

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