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Ilya redesign edition
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11.00 x 8.50 x 2.00 inches
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Jan 14, 2014
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Redesign of the original game by Ilya Baranovsky, originally posted in this image thread:

Ilya has re-done all the illustrations for the game and provided an alternate graphic design, and also replaced the original player board with card-based tracks and references. The following functional changes have been made to the game (sourced from the above thread):

- In this version, there's no arrow symbol on action spaces to denote the reward if there's no need to spend something in order to get that reward. For example, visiting the Doctor is free - you get the medicine without spending anything - so there's no arrow on that space. Arrows are only used to denote an exchange.

- Similarly, the meeple image used to denote spaces that you could place your workers has been removed in this version, since you can place your worker at any of the round locations or on either of the cards.

- Since there isn't always an arrow, Ilya has denoted those spaces where you can perform the action regardless of whether you get arrested (spare rooms, the propagandist, etc.) with an orange shield with a star in.

- The separate mission (goal card) objectives are denoted by rectangles on the mission cards, with numbers in the rectangles to denote the order in which the tasks must be completed. These replace the actions on the original mission cards, so there's still a limit of one per turn - each of the rectangles is an alternative action in the same location (mission card). Any costs to perform that goal action are listed inside the rectangle, so - for example - each action on the Underground Newspaper goal costs you the two Intelligence resources which are listed in the action box.

- Instead of placing the success marker on the success symbol on the card, simply cover up the action box with it to denote that the particular goal action has been completed.

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